[H] (8/8HM) Your Math Teacher Is recruiting!

Your Math Teacher 8/8HM (US-Hyjal) is a mature guild that loves to push their characters to the limit and down bosses. We are currently expanding our list of raiders for MOP and are looking for those who want a hardcore raid experience come next expansion.

Some of the great things this guild has to offer are:
*A clean and mature raid environment that goes for hard progression.
*Full gems and enchants paid for by guild for all raiders.
*Assistance in acquiring BoEs/VP items.
*Epic gems provided for any heroic gear that is won.
*Fully laid out strats for every heroic fight.

Due to the fact that we do one night clears and sell full 8/8HM clears and Hdw kills we require everyone applying to be geared and experienced.

** Group 1 10-Man Open Slots** 8/8HM
Hunter: Surv
Paladin: Ret
Warrior: Arms
Shaman: Enhancement

**Group 2 10-Man Open Slots** 8/8HM
Hunter: Surv
Paladin: Ret
Rogue: Combat
Shaman: Enhancement

Raid Times: Group 1
Wend:10pm-1am (PST)
Thur:10pm-1am (PST)

Raid times: Group 2
Mon: 9pm-12am (PST)
Tue: 9pm-12am (PST)

If you have any questions or would like to try out for a spot feel free to contact Haxzors either in game or through our website. Our website has been updated to include an application process for the team and all players seeking to be on a team will be required to fill one out before the trial process begins. If you would like a good sense of how we preform feel free to check out our logs on worldoflogs under Your Math Teacher.

Hello, can I apply here?
Updated with current guild needs.
updated 7/7/12
Still _ecr_iting for a few spots!

What's missing?

^back to the top!

Focus more on Mdps now. We are open to almost all mdps!
Still recruiting!
Need a few more ^^
thanks for the applications, still recruiting exceptional raiders to fill out our roster for MOP.

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