Post Tracking Broken, Posts Deleting Themselv

Website Bug Report
The "My Posts" function is broken. For over a week, it wouldn't display threads I had posted in. I could find them, manually, and my post would be there, but the tracker treated it as if I never posted. With a community this large, the glitch makes it really hard to follow up on conversations.

Now, not only is the bug in your system still there, posts of mine are deleting themselves. I went to a thread I know I took part in, and my post said "Deleted by Verathos". I never delete posts of mine.

My account information is secure. Furthermore, if someone had hacked it, why would they bother deleting a forum post? Wouldn't my gold be gone?

This is just ridiculous. Please fix it ASAP. The sole purpose of forums is to be able to communicate with others, and you're making that more difficult than it should be.
Still an issue.
Great service, Blizz. Keep up the good work.

Update: No longer deleting, but still not displaying properly. Date doesn't display recent posts, unless I go to relevance and then back to date. If I move to a new page, I have to do it alllll over again.
Same here.

Having an actual "My Posts" that actually works would be really freaking nice if you guys would just fix the stupid thing already.

Having to dig through browser history to try and keep track of what I posted in gets tedious.

Ever since Mid-June, everything I posted this year is suddenly gone in "My Posts".
The issue is fixed now. Your posts weren't "gone", it's just that the sorting by date was defaulting to your oldest posts rather than your newest ones. After clicking "View Posts" you can click "Date" next to Sort by: at the top of the page and it will sort/reverse sort the results.

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