Best profession for Disc PvE and PvP

Making a priest on a new server and going to have enchanting for sure because I would like to have that, what other profession would benefit me the most for raiding and doing bgs/rbgs/low rated arenas as a disc priest??

I would like to get tailoring but the proc of the cloak doesn't really seem ideal for healing. Engineering would be another option because it seems somewhat fun with its stuff it has, but I don't really see too much of a benefit from it. Seems like blacksmithing might be the best but I don't really want that.
tailoring nets in bg's are invaluable imo.
The Tailoring proc is excellent for healing. Couple it with a Shadowfiend + Hymn of Hope channel and watch yourself get back to almost full mana.
I use Enchanting and Tailoring IMO there pretty good for a priest, PvP and PvE.

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