200 auction limit is ridiculous.

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On my server, undercuts happen several times an hour. How am I supposed to be competitive with this application if I reach my 200 limit within 2 hours? Seriously, there's no reaosn why this exists whatsoever when someone logged into the game and paying $3 less than me can run a bot and undercut me instantly.
I concur. Also I may be stupid here, but WHERE can you actually see how many auction limits on your account? It would really help me to know this, as I just bought a crap load of leather, thousands of gold and its just sitting in my mailbox and I am unable to auction these, because yet again I did not realize I was close to that stupid 200 auction limit!

Also, I agree again with the poster. Why set a limit so low anyways when a player that doesn't pay the extra $3/mth can just undercut you til their hearts content. Makes me wonder why I am paying the $3/mth to begin with and making me have second thoughts of just canceling the thing.
Hello there? Any response from Blizz?
This is something that has been suggested a number of times to varying degrees. It is in my suggestion backlog and I will bring up this concern again during our next build cycle.
Wilebosk, how did it go? I have satellite internet these days, and the only thing I can do is farm mats and sell, so the mobile AH was amazing... Until I reached my daily limit of 200 items. Can we please have the limit removed and just implement a human verification object to eliminate bots? It kills me when I can't respond to being undercut.

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