<Might> LAST CHANCE at Pureblood Firehawk

Come get some!

Still haven't been lucky enough to get your hands on Smoldering Egg of Millagazor?

Well, here's your chance!

We are currently selling those mounts like hotcakes and still have some opening for the next few weeks.

Price : 125,000g

Openings: August 21-27th... at 7pm CST

I see you coming! "But I don't want to wait!" or "I can't be on during Wednesdays :(" Well, there's no problem at all. We can arrange a group for any given time for you. The price will depend on the day/time.

We are also offering Smouldering Essences or if you prefer Siphons for your legendary for 50k per week.

Feel free to add me on real id for more information : wwaowner@hotmail.com
We are offering it cross-server. No need to transfer at all.
Last I checked you still can't trade gold cross server. So, you'd take the 125k on one of your alts?
That is correct.
06/20/2012 09:11 PMPosted by Fredzeh
We are offering it cross-server. No need to transfer at all.

Then I wouldnt say "we", I'd say you. I find it curious that 8 other people, or 23, whichever the case plus your "buyer" are willing to hand you 125k gold.
I'm not sure what you are trying to dig here, but what's so hard to understand in the fact that we are selling a mount cross realm?

And I use the word "we" because it is me and my guildies that are selling this and not just myself.
Lol, right. GL with it.
My names is Fredzz and I sell propane and propane accessories!

P.S. Leave the man alone and let him sell his mount and stop trolling him.
Thanks for the bump Trudyn.

Another run saturday night is filled. Possibly have an opening for Monday if someone is fast enough!
Next Thursday is still open for grab!
BUMP. Gotta wait for July now to get your mount. Get it before 5.0!
July 5th sold!
BUMP. Added our price for Essences.
July 11th sold.

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