Cloak of Coordination xmog?

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I was wondering if anyone else would support the idea of allowing the Cloak of Coordination guild reward cape to be used as a transmog skin? I know we already have tabards, but i think allowing us to rep our guild colors on our cloak would be pretty awesome, especially since the cloak is one of the more noticable features on your character, especially when certain toons like undead and trolls are hard to see the tabard design on since they're hunched over all the time. Just a suggestion, bump this post and add your opinion if you think this would be a good idea.
There was a thread a while back requesting that special "Guild gear" be added, like transmoggable bows, swords, and armor pieces with thew guild's crest and colors on them. I liked that idea.

My only problem with the guild capes is that the logo is really, really tiny on them for some reason.

Still, I support all new guild-related transmog ideas.
i support this, i was quite upset to find out after buying a guild cloak for transmog that i couldnt, i know it doesnt have stats and i SHOULD have looked into it before hand and i would not have bought it, but i really like having a cloak with the Alliance emblem on it, and i would love to be able to transmog it
/signed!! Been wanting this since transmog first went live!!
I'd be all for this, I want my purple guild logo!

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