2200+ disc lf 3s on horde.

I play a disc priest as a main, and my brother has just made an 85 disc, im in full ruthless with 3 cata item. I have noticed that everyone on aman'thul with 1700 thinks they are glad and will not leave there team thinking they can not get any higher. So i was hopeing maybe some ally see this with horde toons and log over too play with me? my toon's name is "healsyo"and i would really want too play Vanguards but will play anything with 2k+ capability atm.
ty for your time.
2200 on what toon? O.O
soz brah only like 5 ppl capable of 2k+
yeeeahhh truuu dat, ramai is a 1600 glad and he is about a 3/10 priest
farrrrk, that ramai guys #1 priest us
kane is also abo so he gets given rating for free from centrelink

haiii fresh
Hes !@#$ing terrible lol, hes played 6 years and cant even get 1750 in 2's. WITH a disc priest
why you resurrect this thread

why you do this

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