[A]<PhàlànX> Seeking to Refill its Core 10m

Bleeding Hollow
<PhàlànX> has opened recruitment to flush out our raiding roster. Phalanx is a 10-man focused guild that runs multiple raid groups. We are a level 25 guild and have finished all normal content up to Throne of Thunder. We are currently 23/29 N

We have openings for all classes, although we are primarily recruiting healers and casters. We are looking for players ready to start raiding, strong candidates will be in full Heroic Dungeon Gear with a few rep gained epics.

Guild History

* Phalanx formed as a 10-man raiding guild for Cataclysm with players who were interested in pushing progression surrounded by like-minded and dedicated players in a tight-knit team environment.

* The vast majority of our raiders have been playing this game since vanilla and have significant high end raiding experience spanning every expansion to include vanilla (Original Naxx, BWL, AQ40, BT, Sunwell Plateau, all content thru Heroic LK). A majority of our members have been raiding together 5 - 6 years and possess many of old items no longer obtainable in game! (39 pieces of atiesh -.-)

* Our goal is to remain at the leading edge of progression and complete all content (heroic and achievements) prior to release of the next tier.

Raid Schedule and Loot Distribution

* Our current Raid schedule is Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 9:00pm-12:00am EST. We have an optional Sunday night raid that occurs at the leadership's discretion based on progression status.

* Loot is awarded by Loot Council and gear is distributed based on progression requirements, performance, and attendance.

What We Expect From You

* With only 3 mandatory raid nights, we expect raiders to have over 85% attendance. We understand real life has priority and raiders have obligations that require them to miss raids but if you are consistently unable to make raids you will lose priority for raid slots.

* Be mature, respectful, and considerate. This is a guild of adults who enjoy teaming with like-minded individuals to overcome the challenges blizzard has created for us.

* Leave your e-peen at the door, contribute usefully to strategy discussions, be able to contribute and accept constructive criticism.

* Be a quick learner and adapt to situations. Know the fight and strat before the raid. Show that you are capable of doing your job (which often has little to do with your place on the meter).

* Be prepared to sit if needed. Several bosses can require a unique raid makeup to fit our strat, so if we ask you to sit we expect you to understand that its what is best for progression.

* Contribute a portion of your available time to assisting the guild in meeting the daily XP cap, gain beneficial guild achievements, and farming materials for raid buffs.

* No loot drama. Loot is awarded for the good of the group to further progression - If you are doing your job you will be rewarded for it - there is no need to get worked up over purple pixels.

* Maintain a useful off-spec and appropriate gear.

Recruitment needs as of 1MAR2013:


*Please note that we will consider applicants of any class/spec - we are always on the lookout for exceptional players

Guild Website: http://phalanxofbh.enjin.com/home
PvE Recruitment App: http://phalanxofbh.enjin.com/recruitment

((This post will be updated as factors change. ))
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We are also looking for active PvP players for RBGs and Arenas. We have current Hero/Glad/Arena Master and so forth. We are always looking for new skilled players to fill the ranks. Our core RBG groups is 2300+ and our second alt RBG group is 2000+. If you have experience in either field and are intrested feel free to let us know (we are ideally looking for 2k+ arena experience and 2.2k plus RBG experience players).


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