[A]<PhàlànX> Seeking to Refill its Core 10m

Bleeding Hollow
Uh oh, we've been slipping! Still looking for more great ppl to join us ;)
I'm a 398 holy and 398 shadow priest currently looking for a raiding guild doing heroic modes.

Have 525 tailoring and enchanting plus windward heart (lets face it its an awesome trinket)
We are still looking for some good players....check us out and come play with us!!
Bump for Merrii!!!
dat bump
do the bump and grind right back to the top
bump bump
Hmmm, Åsûrå needs a new outfit if he's to do the bump and grind, lol.
Well, with the one that is showing now....we would end up with a passle of moose!!!!!!!
Then we would have to get squirrels for all of them.................!!! ;P
bump :P
Hey, I made a post on your guild forums if you'd like to check it out :)
I fish you from the depths of hell

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