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Pages of the Past.

Racing as fast as she can, Nymaway starts to panic as she looks behind her seeing a massive group of horde wearing black and white tabards chasing after her. Gripping the ground with her paws at every stride she lets out a loud howl hoping that any members of her pack will hear.

A troll druid riding in front of the large group screams as he violently kicks the sides of his worg mount urging the others to do so as well. The group begins to catch up to Nymaway, and she knows that this may very well be the end for her.

Desperately she lets out another howl as she makes her way through the forest toward the entrance of The Ruins of Gilneas, her arms, and legs growing tired with every step she tries with all her might to move faster.

As the broken walls grow closer a moment of hope floods Nymaway's mind until suddenly diving out of the sky a giant dark colored bird dives down onto her, sinking his talons into her backpack, pulling at her with great force.

Nymaway tumbles to the ground throwing the bird and her backpack from her. The bird lets out a loud screech as he shifts forms revealing he is a night elf druid. Stunned for a moment by this night elf and his actions, Nymaway glares at him growling and dropping down on all fours, racing towards her backpack.

She stops in her tracks as the group of horde who were chasing her through the forests now surrounds her. The night elf druid moves back then bows to the troll druid who enters the circle.
The troll druid slides off his worg mount running his greasy hands through the fur of the beast giving him a hard pat as he watches Nymaway.

His tusks gleam in what little light breaks through the ever stormy clouds above the outskirts of The Ruins of Gilneas. A nasty smile spreads across his face as he bends down picking up the backpack, holding it up. Snickers can be heard from the circle of horde that surrounds them as he reaches into the backpack pulling out the contents.

Nymaway growls, launching herself at the troll, but is quickly grabbed and restrained by a tauren who forces her to watch as the vile creature goes through her personal belongings.

The troll chuckles softly, and then speaks. “Wot do ya got here mon?” He holds up a deep crimson gown making a face then tosses it to the group to his left. The group laughs mocking Nymaway, passing around the gown, holding it up to their bodies then ripping it to shreds.

Nymaway snarls at the group, but is quickly smacked in the side of her muzzle, her fur pulled back by the tauren forcing her to continue watching the troll.

The troll gestures for the group to settle as he pulls out the next item. The members of the horde around them grow silent, watching him as he holds up what appears to be a dream catcher. Nymaway winces slightly as she feels her heart begin to beat faster while she stares at the item Greavell had given her. She tries to look away, but the tauren pulls even harder on her fur.

The troll looks at the dream-catcher in disgust, starting to pull the intricate webbing of thread out from the circle destroying it. “Ye won't be havin’ pleasant dreams no more mon.” He then tosses its remains to the group at his right. They catch it, and begin to pass it around.
Struggling to keep her emotions in check, Nymaway's ears slant back as she continues to watch, she tries to look to the sky for a sign, but fails to see anything that would give her hope. The tauren pulls on her fur once more then hits her in the side. “PAY ATTENTION, MUTT.”

Nymaway lets out a whimper looking at the troll once more as he grins at her holding up the last item in her backpack. He tilts his head looking at the leather bound book in his hand. The cover displays her packs emblem, a simple paw nothing more. “Dis be it?” The troll growls and becomes very angry.

“Dis is all ya carry wit ya?” He now stares at Nymaway his eyes growing dark; he snaps his fingers pointing to the middle of the circle. Two trolls step out laying down wood and oil, a goblin mage then moves in holding his hand up whispering a few words causing a large flame to shoot from his hand onto the pile before him.

The fire begins to roar as it touches the wood, and oil creating an intense heat wave that send the crowd back slightly, however the troll moves closer towards the center. He opens the book thumbing through the parchment pages his nose wrinkles in disgust.

“Da only history ya pack will be remembering is da end of ya life!” He starts to rip the pages from the book tossing them into the fire.

Nymaway lets out a loud howl in pain trying to crumple to her knees, but the tauren holds her up. The pages catch fire and some float up and away with the smoke burning in the air. The rest disappear in the fire.

Just as all hope is lost, and Nymaway has accepted her fate, a few scents quickly catch her nose; her eyes begin to shine in the fire light as she watches the troll continue to laugh holding the remains of her book.

Suddenly the tauren that was holding Nymaway lets out a groan as the sounds of a blade enter his back. He releases Nymaway falling to his knees. She moves away from the tauren still surrounded, but something is happening. The others around them are starting to let out shrieks then falling to their knees.

Nymaway looks up to the sky to see Charis, a priestess within her pack, floating down from her drake mount sternly reciting a spell that makes her appear ten times her normal size. The site of which sends the rest of the group running in fear.

The troll screams at his group. “Get back here ya fools!” He then tosses what is left of the book to the ground hoping onto his worg mount grinding his heels into the beast’s ribcage chasing after them.

The night elf watches the troll chase after those who fled then turn facing the group, he lets out a slight gasp then quickly shifts to his bird form taking off into the air fleeing the scene.

From the shadows appear a few members of The Dreadfang, a stealth group within the pack. Dargo, wiping his blades down, looks over at Narasha, then kneeling down beside the paralyzed tauren; he smirks slightly watching the effects from his poisons run its course.

Charis placing her paws gently on Nymaway's shoulders whispering, “Are you alright Lady Nym?” She shakes her slightly then follows her Alpha’s eyes looking over at the remains of the book faced open side down on the ground.

Narasha letting out a soft sigh walks over to the book bending down picking it up, a few of the last pages fall from it slowly floating to the ground.

Nymaway slowly moves away from Charis letting out a soft sigh. “I will be fine. However, the majority of our history was in that book. It is going to take me some time to get it all back, and I will not be able to write it nearly as detailed as this book was.” Looking away feeling ashamed at herself for not creating another copy staring at the fire that now is burning down.

Narasha picks up the few pages that had fallen out of the book placing them back inside, then walks over to Nymaway handing it to her. “You will create a new one with what you can remember of our history along with our new memories.”

Dargo stands up moving away from the tauren looking around sniffing the air. “We need to leave, the horde will return soon.”

Nymaway takes the book from Narasha giving her a nod then looking over at Dargo. “Very well let us make our way to the den.”

Charis hands Nymaway her pack watching her place the remains of the book inside along with the destroyed gown, and dream-catcher, then places it on her back dropping down to all fours.

The pack members around her do the same then follow her into the ruins of Gilneas heading towards the direction of the great tree that houses their den.

(( The Päck is Emerald Dream's all worgen PVP/RP/PVE guild. We are currently seeking more worgen members to join the ranks. We have strong friendships, and alliances. We currently focus on all forms of PVP, along with PVE content. Strong RP story lines. is our website. ))
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"Remerex! REMEREX! I see Lady Nymaway and others running over the bridge!" One of the new Maulgrim yelled.

"What direction are they headed? How many are with her?" Remerex asked without looking away from his work at the harbor. He didn't hear a response for quite sometime and looked over to the outlook tower. He saw the new recruit with an arrow in his chest. Remerex then blinked up to the tower and inspected the soldier. The arrow cut through his armor and punctured his heart.

Remerex Xoar looked around and saw an orc with a black and white tabard on. The orc saw the mage running after him and he ran. "GOD DAMNIT!" Remerex yelled with frustration.

A few hours passed and the fallen soldier was in the Maulgrim graveyard. Remerex ran to the den to say a few prayers for the soldier. He walked in to find Nymaway and a few others there. They seemed to be tired and upset.

Remerex snaps to the position of attention and salutes, "Lady Nymaway. What is going on?"

Nymaway shows Remerex the book. "The black and white tabards. They burned everything in the book. Your older brother had stories on those pages! Masheck.. if he was here, the horde would regret what they did."

"Don't worry Lady Nymaway. The black and white tabard shall fall. They murdered one of my soldiers." Remerex said. He then turns to walk to his spot within the den.
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Alenjandros crouched low on the top of the crude hut. His sense were overwhelmed with the sights and sounds of the orcish capital. His wolfen eyes scanned the people moving below, Orc, Goblin, Tauren. Moving from person to person, he carefully studied the sea of bodies, making mental notes of their patterns, the ebb and flow of the crowd as the city went about it's day.

He was on that roof for two hours before he saw the first of them. Black and white, just as he was told. The tabard hung from a particularly large Tauren, a paladin by the looks. Al gathered up his things and prepared to move. Leaping from roof to roof, his feet never touching the ground for more than a moment between buildings, he tracked the Tauren throughout the city, shadowing it as it moved around Orgrimmar.

He made note of the people it talked to, the others of the same tabard that it came into contact with. It appeared to be moving south towards the city gates. Knowing the amount of guards stationed there, Al took another route, climbing the haphazardly built walls of the city and slipping out, keeping his eyes on his target as he did.

The Tauren seemed to settle in on the zeppelin, prepared for the ride south back to Mulgore. It did not hear Al as he approached, his dagger drawn. Placing the flat of the blade against it's neck, he leaned close, noticing that the Tauren was actually a female.

"Well love, lucky day as it were for you, I do have a code. Tell your people we are coming. There is no where that they can hide that the Dreadfangs cannot strike." He smiled, flashing his pearly white teeth in a wolfish grin, "Oh and love, not all of us have a problem with killing a female, do be more careful next time."

He dropped a vial and ignited a smoke bomb, vanishing into the shadows, leaving the Tauren to consider his words. Dargo will be displeased, he thought to himself, but the message got through just the same...
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