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I have to say since I've been here in the Pack it's been very enjoyable. As a matter-of-fact I followed Mcskinner here after he told me about the rp that abounded here. Seeing as how I knew dang little of rp and Mcskinner had become a good internet and vent friend, I made the jump.

I'm glad I came here on Mcskinners recommendation, the guild is very active and there always seems to be something going on. Heck they even let me lurk around the rp and dabble in it a little bit when the moment strikes me. I've gotten into raiding here and I've never been a raider, so seeing the end game content for cata was a blast. Wearing the guild tag has always lent itself to plenty of pvp, of varying levels of intensity. Then again sometimes I just needed to farm mat's or just wanted to do my own thing and no one ever said a cross word about it. Vent has been active and full of knowledge sharing if questions are asked and the late night vent can be down right hilarious.

The people here can be extremely creative and very imaginative, from the character stories that have been written and posted on the web site to movies that been created. Can I still find your Pack videos you created Mcskinner on youtube?

Even with some of the drama that naturally comes along with any group of people, I have no regrets and I'm still having a good time. Thanks for the recommendation and getting me into the guild bro.
The Phack, where dwarves become yiffers, and sh*tbirds die trying. Salute!
This thread is simply divine.
He who controls the drama, controls the dream.
I've been so good at being the new old me again but I must speak and hope for no ill will. Like any who hobby this with a passion, which I don't, but see a different side of since chats with McSkinner and others, there is a repeateded theme 2-3 bring up month after month of another 2-3 but who doesn't. I concur with most of these "themes" for the past year but no need to regurgitate them. When I membered the guild in it's infancy, I just had to bow out when there was the attitude of something like "don't talk to your Elders/Alpha, you have Betas for your attention," elitist feel but that's me. I accept we have Pack parttimers no biggy, plenty of friends.

I personally find my time with HUGE guilds you never hear a peep from, mostly Prog Guilds and are phenominal. Many large guilds don't even interact, just grinders.

Every guild has it's ignored underside, but focus on what they are doing best at the moment, no different. But when they focus on what they do well, RP, TP is well driven. And so the common problems are just that, common and it does get silly. No different anywhere one goes, just a different shape or area of neglect.

I lost my last post which I edited really down the middle but hopefully with this I can fade right back into the crowd thinking we can all acknowledge nothing is perfect and I left little needed for rebuttle or attacking anyone. And it's another Bumping which makes all previous comments ok. Like Emotes.
(( The Päck is currently seeking more healers to join the ranks, if you are interested please apply at, fill out an application, and check out our recruitment section. ))

On behalf of my Lady Eowynn & House Blackstone, I would like to extend an inventation to each of your pack members to our annual Hallow's End Costume Ball. For more information please read here:

-Norforic Silverstone, House Blackstone Recruitment Office
((The Päck is now opening its recruitment once more. We are seeking out all worgen classes, with focus on warriors, warlocks and healers. In the new expansion we are spreading our focus among all three major facets of the game, PvP,PvE and RP. If you are interested in joining Emerald Dream's largest and most active Worgen only guild, contact a guild member or one of the officers for information. Recruitment info can also be found on our guild launch website at ))
The Päck is currently looking for more worgen members. We are seeking like minded individuals, that enjoy being a part of a group that works together to accomplish their goals. We are focusing on all aspects of the game. PVP/RP/PVE. is our website. Please check out our recruitment section, and fill out an application if you are interested in joining.

We have a very wonderful guild full of amazing people.
Bumping to the top =)
Fantastic story at the beginning, Nymaway. You've spent some time RPing with my very little Worgen guild, and we enjoyed doing that with you. We wish you the best of luck!
(( The Päck is currently recruiting all worgen classes, we have begun RBGs, and PVE raids once again, and are looking for more who are interested in participating.

We also have our RP nights for those who are interested in rich storyline, and a lot of fun, and laughs!

If you are interested please check out our website and apply. We thank you for taking the time to check out our wonderful guild! ))
(( Join this guild. We have cookies! ))
giant dark colored bird dives down onto her, sinking his talons into her backpack, pulling at her with great force.Nymaway tumbles to the ground throwing the bird and her backpack from her. The bird lets out a loud screech as he shifts forms revealing he is a night elf druid

Hey I member that guy!

(( We are currently looking for more Worgen healers, we have begun our RBG nights, and we have enough for a second RBG team, but we require more healing. If you are interested please apply at ))

Bumping for my favorite worgen of all time.

@ Nym: I miss you, come cuddle. Your fur is nice and warm.

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