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12/15/2012 08:46 AMPosted by Nymaway
(( You caught us off guard at first, some of us were afk, and others were not even there yet. We came back, and we showed you what was up. It is always nice getting horde delivered to us in Ironforge. ))

With the entire AEC and then some
No my friend there were only 2 or 3 people from other AEC, by the time we hit SMC we only had between 27 to 30 people, and some were low levels and it was pack and CBH and a few Pandas. *bows*
No, not even. Pack does not have manpower to even try and fight back. It was mostly CBH and Kote. I also saw some SoL and plus the randoms
Would you like a screen shot of my raid since you think you know everything about my guild? At the time you guys ran in there were only 5 members of CBH in my raid at that time, we were still waiting for the rest to log on.

We chased you out of IF over three times, then we wrecked your boss in SMC. I am sorry you lost sir.
12/15/2012 01:15 PMPosted by Nymaway
We chased you out of IF over three times

Again it was CBH-Kote-SoL and others. Pack played a very small role in that fight. How many times has WSB wiped the floor with Pack even numbers? Or even less for that matter.

I suggest you stick to erp. Hybald would approve
Bronkk take your butthurt self off my recruitment thread thanks. *shakes head*
12/15/2012 02:30 PMPosted by Nymaway

That is a pic of you guys in SMC fighting against little to no resistance?? I was talking about Ironforge. That proved nothing
You were wiped in IF and the Tram how many times? We figured we would give you a little time to regroup, we headed to SMC and you guys never bothered. It is good to see that your motivation and determination is easily crushed. We had resistance, but it certainly wasn't you guys.
How many times due to overwhelming odds. You like to ignore the fact we wiped you 2 times before you gave the call to AEC and others.

But congratz on that SMC kill. Fighting random pugs is hard.
*yawns* You done?
((The Päck, an all worgen rp based pvp/pve guild, now recruiting all worgen classes, especially healers. Please contact a pack member for more information or head on over to our website We look forward to hearing from you.))
We can agree to disagree.

That is all.
We can agree to disagree.

That is all.

Attention Scouts, Charlatans, Brigands, Highwaymen, Bards, Ferals, and Guardians... The Dreadfangs are gathering again, we will be meeting in our den again soon, bring new blood if they show interest. Be prepared to strike, we have a list of targets once more.

((Attn all dreadfangs, contact me in game, we are trying to set up an event... New people: if you are interested in joining and are of the worgen rogue or feral/guardian variety, the dreadfangs are our stealth group, and after a short test, you would be able to join.

We are also still looking for more worgen healers of both priest and druid types for all purposes, and recruitment is still open for all other classes, provided that you are a worgen. For more info, head over to ))
This is a great group of players to be in a guild with.. come check us out and have some fun.. or message me in game and i would love to tell you about all we do..
((Attention all worgens! The Päck is still taking in all classes of worgen characters, lots of new rp threads currently spinning, lots of wpvp opportunity, pve is gearing up again, rbgs are going good... join today and get in on it all! ))
Bumping for all the cross realm worgen joining us recently, Welcome guys!

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