The Päck (( PVP/RP/PVE guild ))

Emerald Dream
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(( I am upset for the reporting, how ever there are no guild names other then my own guild's name mentioned in this post. Why can't people see that we are taking something that happened to us in a negative way and turning it positive. I created a story that is all. ))
((Alright, i'm gonna say it because no one else is))

((Why is the RP posts here reported? Seriously guys? Are you so consumed with your OOC hate for people on a game, that you'll take it to this extreme? Grow up people or find another server))

It is getting silly.
(( People apparently really enjoy the drama coming from this. Thank you for saving the RP posts. Every thread that gets removed we will just put another up with the collection of stories saved from this. It is really sad that this is happening. I really don't see anything that is worth reporting in this thread. ))

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