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Lets stop doing this in their thread...I know this is deep rooted and such things, but this is what happened last time and they lost all their stuff. So both of you should zip it and make thread for bashing each other and keep it there... maybe a I hate.... thread and when you get mad go post there. But doing it in here is not cool at all, and I hate for them to lose their stuff a second time. So lets all play nice, or go play somewhere else where peoples hard work and stories aren't left in the cross fire.

With that said. I like you all so lets all sing songs and roast marshmallows and sing christmas songs or some such thing...

Edit - Was posted before your sorry for derail post Him, but it still stands :p
((I think i love you. :D))
06/21/2012 01:15 PMPosted by Himansha
@the rest of you- go outside.

i did that once, and a bird pooped on my hat. Never again, since then.
06/21/2012 01:35 PMPosted by Emzella
(( That's just cause my ears wibble when I dance Shroom, that's our secret racial power ))
06/21/2012 01:15 PMPosted by Himansha
@nymaway, im sorry i !@#$ing ruined your thread again. It had to be done.

something that has escalated to this point is beyond the fault of just one person. There's allot of fans surrounding this flame.

06/21/2012 01:35 PMPosted by Agrar
#2.) I'm not one of you 3 people who are reporting each other's replies in order to get this thread shut down like the first one.

We dont know who is reporting, but its not me and its unfair for you to say so :(

If Ja rule was here he'd get to the source of all this.
I agree with Himanshu about the whole Agrar two-face situation. I however do not think poluting Nym's thread with all these hate posts is going to help her.
((this is a recruitment thread for The Päck, if you dont have questions about our guild, or how to join, please take your bickering elsewhere.

That being said, The Päck is now recruiting Worgens of all classes and levels, we are an rp based pvp/pve guild that is highly active. We are seeking active Worgens who are interested in all aspects of the game, and host events of all types on a regular basis. Contact me in game for more information.))
((pvp/pve guild that is highly active..))
((most active guild i've ever had the pleasure to be in))
06/21/2012 02:16 PMPosted by Niightsky
Sorry for derailing this thread again, last comment from my side.

((i made a separate thread for you all to use for your "discussion" please take it there, if you know its gonna derail our recruitment thread, you probably shouldn't post it here.))
(( The Päck is currently seeking more worgen healers, and tanks for our RBG rotations, and PVE raids. ))
((Bump for a neat guild, and nice RP posts guys.))

@the rest of you- go outside.

But the sun burns my skin!



Today the Pack enjoyed a nice run around the Exodar's lands to pick up some exploration and generally hang with the guildies (also had some fun at the Pre-Party).

We then proceeded to march in SW, and from there to GS. We may not have been....orthodox...with the way we did it, but fun was had by all. We even managed to get some Spectators to join our march, and following Rave/Dance Party in the GS inn basement.

Good times were had, and my condolences go out to the Hordies we slapped around during our run. Bad timing i guess. :D

<The Päck> RP/PvP/PvE
Highly Active and very friendly.
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