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Emerald Dream
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(( We are currently looking for worgen healers to join our RBG team along with a few DPS positions. Please whisper me in game or apply at ))
(( Ooo ooo I will join if I can stay a dwarf! :-P ))
(( Our amazing recruitment video created by Mcskinner! ))
((thanks to all who attended last night. The Moonlit Summer's Night Dance was a big success, much fun was had by all in attendance, even with WSB crashing at the beginning:) ))
06/24/2012 09:34 AMPosted by Greavell
((thanks to all who attended last night. The Moonlit Summer's Night Dance was a big success, much fun was had by all in attendance, even with WSB crashing at the beginning:) ))

Just because we're large hideous monsters doesn't mean we can't dance
Bump for great enemy's love to fight you guys very honorable... cant wait for our next met
(( We are still working out times for a cross faction meeting. Looking forward to it. ))
((Holy bump, did anyone call for a bump?))
(( The Päck is currently looking for dedicated worgen warlocks, mages, and healers for our RBG teams, and other activities. Please fill out an application on our website, then find me in game to discuss joining. ))
^^^ do it.
Bumping this guild because my main is in it! ))
Lady Nymaway,

As requested, last night I led our packmates into battle. We were able to slip into Thunder Bluff, and sew confusion among the city guards; thus leading us to be able to mortally wound the tauren leader, Baine. We were able to accomplish this task with just sixteen of our Päck. They fought bravely, and as battle brothers and sisters should, worked together to achieve this victory.

There were a few setbacks on the way out of the city, many of our number were wounded, hurting and exhausted from the battle. Despite these setbacks, however, we were able to retreat to the safety of the human capital through magical means.

Upon arriving in Stormwind, the wounded were tended to, armor was patched up, and our bearded brethren, the dwarves of King Bruenor's Clan Battlehammer, rallied under our banner and marched with us to our next destination, and our next target.

The Päck and the Clan marched into Tol Barad to offer aid to the battle weary Wardens. Our war host immediately saw combat with the Horde. A small unit of Alliance members were out numbered by at least two to one, and were relieved when the ground around them began to shake under hoof of Gilnean steeds and battle rams. Our thunderous charge met the enemy line, shattering their morale and their formation. We pursued them even into their camp, Rhusty Battlehammer and myself leading the charge. Those that did not flee were wounded or knocked unconscious, and the camp of the Horde was locked down for many minutes, giving the Alliance in the area a much needed respite from combat.

After a patrol of the peninsula, our number was dispersed among our nightly activities. Many settling in to a quiet evening, while our elite reported to Arathi Basin to reinforce the resource gathering of the League of Arathor. Our battle team fought bravely, a few of our dwarven friends still at our side, securing major footholds for the Alliance twice, before also retiring for the evening.

We await your return this night, so that we might share the tales of our battles and efforts.
Until then.
-Elder Greavell
((Thanks to all who attended our wPvP and RBG events last night. Good work on the primetime Baine kill with so few people!

To those of you not yet in on the fun: If these sorts of activities interest you, as well as a strong, tight knit community of worgen, please contact one of our members in game or head on over to our website for information on how to join our numbers and start running with The Päck today.))
A glorious night!

*Howls in celebration*
(( The Päck is currently looking for more Worgen healers, mages, and warlocks to join our ranks. Please fill out an application on our website, and whisper me in game for an interview. ))

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