[A] 3 Night Semi Hardcore. LF Heals

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
Come people, you know you want to!
Silver, you need to shave that dirty moustache under that shiny red helmet...but yeah. really need a good mage
Still need dps! Also looking to create a third ten man team! Bump
but you said my moustache was what you loved most....still need DPS, special consideration for ranged DPS who enjoy dirty moustache kisses from their melee :)
I like to ride the moustache... but that's irrelevant. Yes, still need dps. especially a good mage. Starting group 3! already have both tanks.
Oh and massive grats on 12k achi points man!
LF 1 killer mage. Ranged dps come at me.
There is a hard out shortage of mage. We need 2. Three even. I will PAY for your server transfer. Howzat.
Hardly a progression guild
We killed 4/8 heroic last night. Both teams are aiming for 8/8 by MoP. If you don't want to apply you don't need to be rude :) Just find somewhere you would like to raid instead
correction, we killed 4/5 bosses on heroic last night, we'll have a crack at Blackhorn tonight, and we'll have our first try on H Hagara next week, should be cake
Attention all war front members. Please don't bump this post again. I'm heading to china and Lucy will create a mirror threat for her to be able to monitor while i'm gone. See you all when i return on the 16th!
one more bump :)
We have returned. We are in dire need of Ranged Dps

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