Looking to buy things of value guilds,tgc etc

Primarily, I am looking to buy a guild bank/guild that is higher than level 10, on the horde side..the more the guild has the more I am willing to pay.

things I'm looking for:

- Tabard of the lightbringer

- Any TGC mount besides the following
-Blazing Hippogryph
- Big Battle Bear
- Landstider

I have a pretty large quantity of gold and am looking to solidify some of it, if you have questions on selling including pricing, please find me in game, you can do this by adding my real id Ktietz10@gmail.com or with an in-game whisper. If you leave a comment here I will get back to you as soon as possible as well.
My main Raer on the alliance side has a spectral tiger up for sale. I have a standing offer of 325k. Do you have an offer greater the ?

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