Full raid clear !


What is it?

A Wow Full Clear means that we will be taking a 25 man roster, and clearing all of WoW from level 1 to 85; Tier 1 to Tier 13. We have started at level 1, and are now 60. We have locked our exp and will be progressing through MC, BWL, and AQ20/40 in order, with no direct outside assistance from anyone iLevel geared over the content or higher level than it was created for. After completing Vanilla content, we will unlock our exp, level to 70, and repeat the process. We will continue all the way through T13.

The Goal is to complete 8/8H DS before MoP is released

We will not just doing normal modes and then moving on. We are going to be clearing every Hard Mode, Heroic Mode, Title, and Drake Achievement on our way.

Here is a short little preview vid made by my good friend Bay, who will be streaming all of our raids.
The Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dmCk7TaST0E
His Stream: http://www.twitch.tv/baytlm

The first raid will be the 20th (This Wednesday), and you can tune back in to watch every Weds/Thurs/Monday, 8:30pmEST - MidnightEST.

Our Rules
- DKs will NOT be allowed until WotLK.
- No gear from a tier higher than what we are currently raiding. This includes using BC dungeon gear during level 60 raids, craftables from ICC during ulduar, etc.
- The same above goes for enchants, gems, consumables, etc.
- No reforging until Cataclysm.
- Professions perks may only be used for the equivalent level of content. For example, no WotLK Engineering perks during BC content.

- All races are allowed
- Glyphs are allowed
- Both Paladins and Shamans will be allowed in Vanilla. Neither class brings anything extremely gamebreaking at level 60, and I don't want them to be super far behind when we need them for 70+.
- Recruit a Friend is fine while leveling.
- BoAs are fine for leveling, but not allowed for raiding.

Any additional info I may have missed can be found here: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5575476877#1
I had a post on the general forums as well but it was deleted and I was perma-banned for it

Would anyone be interested in doing this?
Too bad they removed original naxx. That would be fun!
gahhhhh this looks fun
Could my 60 warrior join?
I would LOVE to do this. Sign me up, no matter horde or alliance side.
lol...that sounds like a blast. I'd be screwed since I deleted all my alliance toons on this server...lol. Needed the room for my horde toons and a monk. Plus, my main is a belf. Therefore, I couldn't join in the fun until BC!
oh, Paladins were in Vanilla as dwarf and human. They just had to judge, seal, judge, seal, judge, seal.....rinse and repeat....lol....shammies were horde only, troll and tauren, and only tauren and night elfs could be druids.
I would love to do this. Do you know if RealID works for cross-realm raids like this? I have a rogue around level 50 on Thrall. It would be no problem to level an alt up on Turalyon though.
Wow this is unbelievably cool! and ambitious too, to get through all that content before MoP, including heroics and such. I bet they'll have a blast

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