(A) 4/8h Warlock LF steady raid group

As the title says I'm 4/8h (Mor, Zon, Yor, Ultrax) and looking for a steady raid team.

I raid tuesday and friday on my main(shadowpriest) on a diff server (6pm - 9pm Proudmoore server time), so anytime/day besides those is fine for me.

I have lots of practice on Heroic Hagara on both toons, but haven't gotten her yet.

I listen and take directions well and don't mind wiping as we learn the fights. I don't really care about gear that much, upgrades would be nice of course, but I'm not a freak about that sort of thing. I would rather just have a good time and down some bosses.

Have my own food, flasks, plenty of potions, and a good sense of humor.

If you're interested hit me up in game or send me some mail and we can talk.

Thanks for your time.

hey mauzy, are you willing to roll horde?
Were continuing to do heroics until mop drops then were done, we do tues and wed 7-10pm ST weekly. if your interested hit me up.
Hi Mauzy,

If you havent found a home check us out.

We are a level 25 guild that is friendly and helpful. We are semi-serious raiders, not hardcore and when we raid it is aas a group, because their is no me or I in team! Our guild is made up of all ages of adults, with one or two younger teens who are the children of members. We are a mature, laid back, sociable guild and our members play for a wide variety of reasons, some like raiding, some pvp, some questing, some just go for the achievements.

Currently we have 2 raid teams, one is Friday/Saturday the other is Sunday. However with MoP release we are hoping for more teams. We have members who have expressed a desire to raid on weeknights, as well as those who would like to raid every night, LOL. Many members have their alts in the guild and so are able to raid on more than 1 team or switch toons to better help the guild raid for that night.

You can check us out at strangelyironic.freeforums.org and fill out an app if you are interested. We welcome everyone, all classes and all races (cept horde LOL).

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