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Afternoon everyone,

I'm currently located on Tanaris a very low population server that seems to be dieing out. I'm part of a raid team and a few of us are possibly looking to find a new home. We are a late night raid group and just didn't know if there were any late night raid teams on this sever. We raid 12:30 EST - 3:00 EST.

Please let me know if any guilds raid late night and are looking for a tank/heals/ranged!
Axioma is a new transfer to Hyjal which is looking to build a new raid group
Tuesday-Thurs: 9-11PM Server [12:00AM-2:00AM EST]

Not sure on what other late night guilds are recruiting, there's not too many. (Your Math Teacher, Lucid, and Axioma to name a few...)

If your group is not a package deal [Your Math Teacher] is looking for a strong druid or priest healer with a DPS OS for their Monday/Tuesday team who raid from 12:00AM-3AM EST. You can contact Haxzors or myself in-game for more information.

For more info*, http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4362516620?page=2
*Focus is more on the healer with a strong DPS OS.

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