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So I was thinking about renewing world of warcraft, but for some reason I can't find the pay by phone option.

Did they remove this?
Not quite yet, but they are in about a week.
I can't seem to find where to bill to my phone at..
06/22/2012 02:43 AMPosted by Shadøwstep
I can't seem to find where to bill to my phone at..
And you wont since the option is being totally removed in less than a week. Those who have already been paying that way have to figure out a new method of payment if they wish to continue playing their accounts.
The pay by phone option has always been a bit problematic for Blizzard and players.

First: A lot of phone companies do not allow Pay-by-Phone, and there are some who did allow it at one time, but stopped doing so. This is for very good reasons. Pay by phone can be very risky. If you are not very careful with it, your account can get charge backed, resulting in your account getting locked until Blizzard get their back pay. Phone Companies pay themselves first. If you have any billing disputes with your phone company, partial, or late payments, they can(have done so in the past) issue charge back, on any Blizzard payment they have ever made for you, even 2 years afterwards.

Second: Any disputes you may have with PaymentOne can put both your phone service, and your WoW account in jeopardy. PaymentOne and under it's Old name EBillit has had a bit of a spotty history, when it come to costumer complaints and disputes. If fact Verizon use to allow paymentOne's pay-by-phone service, but dropped it.

Lastly: Of the phone companies do allow Pay-by-Phone, they may limit what can or can not be charged. Because Paymentone is a 3rd party middleman, even though the charges may have appears to have gone through, they really haven't. In other words paymentone may have approved the charge, but your phone company hasn't yet. This can put a hold on the transaction until the phone company does approve it. This normally only happens the 1st time the service is used. But it may happen at any time.

Players that used this service for their WoW account needed to have been sure: To pay their phone bill on time and in full every month; If they had a dispute about part of their bill, they still had to pay it in full, and hope they would get credit back latter, when they settled their dispute; Lastly they had to be careful not to not blow off their last bill. Even if they only used pay by phone one time 2 years ago, the phone company could issue a charge back.
yeah that happend to me.

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