398 dk LF core friendly raiding guild

Hello Saurfang,

My name is Wally and I am a 398 dk looking for a core raiding guild to raid with every week.
Frankly I am bit tired of PUGing and want to raid with some friendly down to earth people every week :).
I am a friendly person and easy to get along with. I am a frost dps @ 398 ilvl but also have tank os with an ilvl of 390.
Just looking to have some fun every week, I have lots of patience and am willing to give some cheap enchants to people who ask nicely lol :).
In regards to DS I know all fights in normal mode and am learning the heroics versions just to be ready.
I am aviable every day after about 3pm (Australian Eastern Standard Time) since I am in year 12 and would prefer to raid on Fridays or Saturdays because I do not have work on those days.
I"m a cool down to earth guy with patience and am just sick of silly people who can't understand simple instructions in LFR and pugs.

With MoP arriving very soon want to be ready for all its content with an awesome guild.

I also have a 388 hunter and 391 mage if ever we need them or if you would prefer a ranged.

So that's about it feel free to whisper me in game or send an inbox or just comment on this forum feel free to ask me any questions if need be. :)

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