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06/26/2012 09:06 AMPosted by Senkha
- tarot cards are not necessarily fortune telling devices.

My philosophy professor introduced me to Tarot :D

edit: And I agree, I've always been told the cards are a "guideline."

On the other hand, if you're playing a conman who's pretending to be a fortune teller, you're probably going to hit up all the stereotypes!
Someone wrote about how speed & agility factor into brawls, etc., so I'll go ahead and add this!

Realistically, cut muscle does not necessarily equal strength. I've seen a lot of characters with amazing six packs and biceps, described in minute detail, all Ryan Gosling-y. That's awesome! But just because muscles are defined does not necessarily mean they are able to bear weight and heft a Death Knight in full armor over their heads, in comparison with...

A man with a layer of fat over a strong core (thick-waisted, not necessarily with definition on the abdomen). Many Strongman competitors, for example, look like they have a gut.

Basically, what I'm trying to get at is that a strong male character does not have to look like a Calvin Klein model (though there's nothing wrong with it if he does). In actuality, a super-duper physically strong male typically needs a thick core/frame and denser muscles, not defined muscles. Defined muscles are more of an aesthetic choice than a practical one.

Basic Animal Husbandry – Avian and Reptile

*disclaimer: this is very basic and limited, meant for those who've never cared for animals. Its also representative of the level of care likely present in the Warcraft universe, not in real life!

-Avian – honestly depends on the species. If it’s a bird that goes hunting (owls, eagles, etc.) then they will require animal protein. They will go hunting on their own; you don’t have to provide it for them. If it’s a bird such as a tallstrider, they will likely forage grass seeds and insects on their own as well.
-Reptiles – again, depends on the species. Snakes and raptors will prefer small mammals as prey items. They will hopefully be able to hunt on their own, as they require fresh meat (no preserved meats, unfortunately). Turtles in the Warcraft universe appear to be similar to giant tortoises, and so a vegetarian diet would be sufficient for them (leafy greens, any fruit you have available).
-Access to fresh water is very important. Some reptiles enjoy swimming.

-Some reptiles (snakes, some lizards) undergo ecdysis, which means they shed the outer layer of their skin. To allow for proper shedding, they should be provided with water for soaking and something to help them remove the skin off themselves (rough branches or something similar). Do not pull the skin off or otherwise interfere. This occurs every few months or so, sometimes less frequently.
-Some birds (particularly parrots and parrot-like birds) require beak trimming, especially if they have an abnormal beak (previous injury or disease). This is done once every few months, as needed. The beak has to be clipped to its normal length, and then filed to an appropriate shape.
-Birds sometimes require nail trimming as well, but it depends on the environment the bird is usually in. They need their talons for hunting and perching, so it isn’t done frequently.
-Some birds enjoy dust bathing. Otherwise they do not require baths (unless they get into something toxic, sticky, etc.).

-Reptiles need access to different temperatures to help regulate their body heat. Each species has its own ideal temperature, and the animal will seek it out on its own. If they are too cold, they can have numerous health problems and cannot digest their food. Keep this in mind when travelling to Northrend…
-Some birds and reptiles are nocturnal (ex./ owls). This doesn’t mean they can’t be out during the day, but it means they prefer to be awake during the night time hours.
-In the Warcraft setting, the birds are more likely to be kept as falconry birds. This means they are kept in a large outdoor aviary when not being used, which will have perches and shelter from the elements. When travelling, your bird would probably be off doing his own thing nearby until you called them. It’s possible to train them to sit on a perch or on your shoulder, though.

First Aid
Fractures – if it is a leg, apply a splint that spans the joint above and below the break. If it is a wing, use a figure 8 bandage that folds the wing up against the body. This bandage cannot be kept on for long, as the tendons become too short over time. It is a temporary thing until you can get to a settlement for proper treatment.
Fractured Shell – place a bandage over the defect. If a piece of shell has been pressed in, leave it there unless it looks to be a dead piece. Don’t let the turtle go into water until it’s healed. Turtles heal extremely slowly, and it could take close to a year to be fully resolved.
Bleeding – apply pressure until it stops, then reassess.
Wound Care – same as in canine, feline, equine.
Sick Bird Syndrome – this is a term referring to a bird that just isn’t doing right. They are fluffed up, hunched up, and their eyes are closed. It’s caused by dozens of things. When on the road, treating them will be difficult. Try to keep them warm, offer food, and you may have to force feed them. You may have to force them to drink too (squeeze some water into their beak).
(Because since we are on the topic of stuff you can learn about in a New Age store...)
(Plus, ton of Animal Spirits in-game. So this could be helpful!)

  • They are not guardian angels. What I mean by this is, their primary job is usually not going to be watching over your shoulder, slaying evil for you, and saving your life in dramatic fashions. That is more of a western Christian ideal, which doesn't really hold sway with actual angels anyway for the most part (can someone say 'wheels of fire with thousands of eyes'?). There can always be exceptions of course, but this is generally speaking.
  • They are teachers. Depending on which animal spirit comes into your life, they often come into it by being very present. You start seeing more of that animal, either in fiction or in the real world, you start noticing things about them, etc. Each animal spirit has a lesson to teach, in relation to what animal they are (although culture and what you associate with that animal may change the lesson to teach).
  • There are many kinds of animal spirits in life. Sometimes, one will be there your entire life. Others will come and go. Some might just be there to teach a brief lesson before moving on.
  • Even the humblest animal has a lesson to teach. If your primary animal is a fish? It's lessons are important, and will be more worthwhile for you to learn then the Lion you wanted.
  • The lesson will usually be different depending on the person, and there might be more than one lesson depending on the person and the animal and how long that animal will be present. A lifetime teacher would have a ton of lessons, a brief teacher would only have a couple, maybe even one.
  • The lessons are not spoken like a classroom teacher. They come from observation, reflection, respect, and epiphanies. They come from stories and real life.
    06/26/2012 08:33 AMPosted by Azhaar
    Is this thread taking requests? I'd love to hear from some equestrians, or people knowledgeable about cavalry. Azhaar absolutely adores her warhorse, to the point that he gets plenty of emotes in RP, but I'm not very well versed on the proper care and keeping of horses, especially a trained war mount.

    Any specific questions you have?
    As someone with various characters who care for their mounts and such, Ellister... you're amazing, thank you. <3

    Think you could delve into the slightly mythical, too? Hippogryphs and Gryphons, namely. I imagine they wouldn't be too different from their appearances, but if you know anything specific about them, that'd be cool to add to the list.
    06/26/2012 09:32 AMPosted by Saxon

    I was looking for this! Thank you!!
    What a fun thread! I have some random, very random things to add.

    1. Barfights! Having seen many as a bartender, if you smash a bottle over someone's head, it will usually not break. However, the victims head always will. This is a nasty injury as once the skin is open on yer head, you will bleed like a stuck pig. If the bottle breaks (I have seen this happen, maybe twice?), you victim is down and likely out.

    2. Sewing/Tailoring! Em, I know a lot about this, not sure how much detail is warranted here. Even the simplest shirt or skirt will have a paper pattern. Shirts are actually rather difficult, what with the tailoring of the arms and whatnot. Measuring your client would need to be precise and I would imagine a fitting or two would be appropriate. Gowns would likely take days, if not weeks to get perfect without a Singer at your disposal. Embroidery and decorative features like piping, darting, etc take a lot of time, especially if you are doing it by hand. Knitting is also very time consuming and a viable way to make socks, shirts and even wound dressing. (I suppose, if you want a ton of detail, hit me up in-game)

    3. Basic Horse Riding Skills! You turn, stop and engage your mount with your legs and body only. In fact, if you want to train your character you should likely just shorten the reigns, tie them together and leave them be. If you ride your mount into battle, handling reigns would keep you from your weapons. The bit serves only as a last resort, you do not yank it unless it's an absolute emergency. They are very painful and can actually injure your horse (or raptor, kodo, etc) and if you would like to know just how painful, put a ruler sideways in your mouth and push it back. Ouch. Your mount would actually be your first weapon of battle, and the care and ability you use to ride it would be a key to your success. Also, your battle beast would need to be trained to jump hurdles with you on their back. This is not an inherant skill for horses, they would actually figure out a way around it before jumping it.

    Also something to remember about well trained horses. Their peripheral vision is in front. They see almost all the way around due to the placement of their eyes. You, as their rider see things in front, but a well trained horse will alert you to dangers from the side and even the back because of how their vision works. Training your favourite battle pony to send you signals would not only be appropriate, but imperative.

    Longest post evah! Hope it helps.
    06/26/2012 10:16 AMPosted by Calamitra
    Training your favourite battle pony

    I haven't seen any with rainbow manes, so I don't think I can. ._.
    ...holy crap, this thread is totally rad.

    I don't really have any skill sets relevant to a fantasy universe that haven't already been mentioned, so I'll incoherently rant about a topic that's often very misrepresented in RP.

    Religion in Azeroth (and Draenor!)

    The Light

    - Going by most P&P RPG rules (which is often a really good foundation when your particular universe doesn't specify), you can tap into the powers a priest wields with nearly any faith. Notice I said faith, and not religion. You can put your faith in anything, whether it be a divine being or beings, a concept, an ideology, or even another person - if you can believe in it, you can draw strength from it, and that strength can manifest as power. Or face melting.

    - This is not true for paladins. Paladins explicitly draw their powers from the Light, except in the case of Tauren Sunwalkers; their philosophy is less clear, though it's been hinted that their beliefs are similar to druids, though with a focus on the sun and the land itself rather than the moon and life.

    - The Light is... ambiguous in its nature. Depending on the source, it's a religion, a philosophy, both, or neither. What is important to note is that, while it shares a number of aesthetic and architectural motifs with modern Christianity, it is very different in its belief system.

      - Different churches of the Light seem to be largely autocephalous - Stormwind's Church of the Light has (well, had) vested ultimate authority in the hands of its Archbishop Benedictus (like the Catholic pope, this is a regnal name - he was born Jarl), whereas Ironforge's dwindling Light worshipers are led by High Priest Rohan - it's likely they have different practices, as Anduin Wrynn described the Mystic Ward as having a "very different sort of feel to the Light" than the Cathedral in Stormwind. The Archbishop of Capitol City (in Lordaeron) seemed to occupy a slightly higher position, owing to Lordaeron's deep cultural connection to the Light.

      - The Light is not a god, or personified in any way (outside of the Naaru, who are more envoys than actual gods). It's a force, much like the concept of Heaven in many oriental belief systems. If you're not familiar with that (which most aren't), treat it like luck - you wouldn't talk with luck, or know what luck wants, but you would have a good idea of what it means to be lucky (i.e., blessed).

      - Light worship began in draenei society when the Naaru saved Velen and his exiles from Argus' corruption - but its origins in humanity are a lot less clear. It was implied during a lore Q&A that the human tribes of Arathi told stories of a Light-wielding warrior named Tyr with a Silver Hand, and drew faith from that to wield the Light. Tyr is/was a Watcher of Ulduar (and may have become General Vezax), and is the namesake of Tyr's Hand and the Order of the Silver Hand. Tyr is generally not venerated modern times, or even remembered.

      - Most humans (and dwarves, who were introduced to the Light by humans) worship the Light in a fairly standardized way ever since Alonsus Faol (the last Archbishop of Capitol City) introduced a core concept to the faith in the form of the Three Virtues: Respect, Tenacity, and Compassion. It's not known what form worship took before his reforms, but they allowed faith to be galvanized into the power a paladin wields.

      - Remember, the power of a priest or paladin doesn't come from the Light itself - it comes from faith in the Light. That's why Scarlets and the Auchenai, two groups often diametrically opposed to the Three Virtues, can wield it with deadly proficiency. If you think you're doing the Light's work, you can be empowered by it.

      - For inspiration in Light-based RP, look into Heaven (Tian) in ancient Chinese faiths, as well as good old fashioned western monotheism (because I'm willing to bet most of us and most of Blizzard's writers grew up surrounded by it).

    - Coming next: Shamanism, probably. I should really get some lunch.
    Seriously, mad props to everyone posting information in this thread. I doubt I'd ever incorporate any of the material on medieval combat into my own RP, but it's all super fascinating.

    As a lit/history/humanities person, I could offer some insights into aristocracy/nobility, if that would help?
    Awesome thread! THIS is the kind of thing I come to the WrA forums hoping to see!

    - Forbs
    "For Gnomeregan!"
    Chainmail was used to protect against slashing attacks, a stab attack would tear right through it.
    Never use a chainsaw on a zombie.

    Stick with a crowbar or a machete.
    This thread is the most amazing.

    Unfortunately most of my knowledge is modern, though I've some little amount regarding trapping, sailing sloops (and a rudimentary understanding of dinghys, but they're outside my hands-on experience range), canning foods, constructing wood homes, and... hm. I'm not sure what else, honestly! Knots and fire-building? In school we did learn how printing presses work and hands-on with recycled paper production, but that might be a bit outside of the range of common WoW-RP. :X

    I'd be curious to know more about wielding and fighting with axes, particularly the smaller sort! What sorts of armour they work well against, speed when two-handing, and generally any sort of direction for things to check out, maybe, to help in generally writing combat? Visuals often help a lot!

    Kamazhi's post about bows was awesome and informative, thank you for that one a lot! <3 (Well-- all of them have been! This thread is amazing, I'm bookmarking it for sure.)

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