Any good guilds that help people get gear?

I am currently in the "newbie level 85 stage" and I want a guild that is active and will run heroics and regular cataclysm dungeons with me daily.
Gearing is always a problem for starting out you need to research the spec and gear you need, start with the instances your geared with then work up dont try to go for a carry in a heroic people kinda get peeved if you do not pull your weight.
I would gladly help you, unfortunately you're on the wrong side.
There are stronger guilds over on the horde side though so ask around I'm sure they would help.
There is one here that teaches and runs gear runs. Mature Audience Only. There are a couple of us around. I have a dk I'm gearing. We have a few new 85's. Our core gm tries to get bracers for our new 85's.

I will check it out!
Grats on 85! I don't have any guild suggestions right off hand, but I love hunters so feel free to tag me if you need assistance with hunter stuff. =-)

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