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Hello. Where can I find PvP gear for my lvl and beyond? Thanks!
06/26/2012 07:54 AMPosted by Jabeiige
Where can I find PvP gear for my lvl and beyond?

Generally when people talk about “PvP gear” they mean gear that has resilience on it as a stat. Resilience reduces the damage other players do to you much like armor reduces physical damage. However resilience wasn’t in existence in classic, so it is largely absent until level 70 when it starts showing up on PvP sets. Up to this point, “PvP gear” is any gear you buy with honor points. Until level 70 there is no difference between gear purchased with honor and that which is earned from dungeons and quests.

So for honor point vendors you have some options. In Orgrimmar if you ask a guard for the location of the "officer's lounge" you will be directed to the building that houses the main pvp vendors. Most of them will be for higher levels, but the "legacy" and "accessory" quartermasters should have some things you can buy.

In addition you can travel to the world entrances for WSG, AB and AV:

Thank you Tkatii

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