[WTS] Level 25 Guild US-Blackrock Horde

Status: SOLD

Get a head start for you and your friends come Mists of Pandaria or a great investment to sell next expansion and compete in the new Black Market Auction House!

I'm selling a Level 25 Guild in the Horde-side of Blackrock.
Forget the tedious and months-long work of leveling a fresh guild and get in touch with me for a fast trade.

Post here with offers or feel free to mail me in-game.

Have a great day!

1.- Check status. Either available or sold. It will be updated.[/ul]
2.- <Take Notes> is NOT the guild for sale. This guild will not be sold under any circumstance.
Can you message me in game ? i'm very interested
Sure thing. But I'm the same guy that's been trying to sell you one of my guilds the whole day.

If you pay in full and upfront you will be the owner of the guild.

As I've already mentioned I will CLEARLY state the terms of our trade through in-game chat and will require you to either accept or decline in text BEFORE any gold is traded. It is logged for your protection.

I have given you my main account RealID, my phone number, my physical location, my personal Skype. I gave you a list of all my characters in Blackrock most of which share the same name, logged into my main, logged into the guild's Guild Master. All to gain credibility.

I'm afraid I can't do much more for you.

If you are still interested, I'd be glad to sell you one of my guilds and glad to sell my other guild to your friend. Feel free to contact me again through in-game mail, whispers, add me again on Real-ID if you still have it or by replying to this thread.
While that may be, I must disagree.
06/22/2012 03:25 AMPosted by Filthythief
While that may be, I must disagree.


If you change your mind, do feel free to contact me again, I'd be happy to sell you a guild.

Also bump.
I'm afraid it's beyond that now.
1st Guild sold.

Have 1 more guild left. If you're interested post here or send me an in-game mail with your offer.
06/22/2012 04:20 AMPosted by Filthythief
I'm afraid it's beyond that now.

Silly gnome...you're no troll ! :P
I'll pay you in gold gathered from the depths of Old Ironforge.
I'll pay you in gold gathered from the depths of Old Ironforge.

Still selling :)

.P M U B
I don' think anyone wants it.
06/22/2012 06:16 PMPosted by Filthythief
I don' think anyone wants it.

I want u
How do you want me?
Hey, Blackrock!
Selling level 25 Guild. Post here if you're interested!
Guild available, pst pst!
I'll take it for 100k. Upfront, can i pay extra for a guild server transfer?
Will you accept 100k? Upfront payment. I am willing to pay an additional amount to have it server transferred as well.
@Chópsuey: Sorry, level 25 Guilds go for a lot more than 100k. Also, I have no problems with a transfer, as long as you cover the expenses.

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