394 Holy Priest 3/8HM exp LF casual guild


My current guild stopped raiding a few months ago and, until now, I've been very casually leveling alts or playing other games. I want to get back into raiding, not serious or hardcore raiding though and I've heard good things about this servers community.

I'm just looking for a friendly, casual raiding guild (alliance or horde, doesn't matter to me) that raids a few nights a week. I don't mind if you've just started building a raid team with no experience, or progressing through hard modes.
Want a place to call home and make some new friends. No stress(well, little stress :P) and lots of laughter :)

I've completed every raid tier of this expansion on normal mode, and 3/8 Heroic DS. (Morchok, Yor'sahj, Ultrax, the easy ones :P)

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