[H] <Burn Phase> Adult Raiding 8/8H 25m

Oceanic Guild Recruitment
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Hey there laynie, im super keen for another healy priest, since you already know the priest class it'd be a big advantage for us both come MoP as you won't be adjusting to the changes in 2 specs. I feel you as i have 3 saviors myself, 6 85s and i raid on them all. If you could also offspec shadow when we need to scale down on healers for a fight that'd be great.

If you'd like to chat ingame you can add my real-id (The-dark-alliance@hotmail.com) or you can come chat on thaurissan or if you'd prefer you can just fill out an app :-)

If you're interested in a healer, I'd love to get back into 25 man raiding for MoP.

As DS only takes a couple of hours to clear at the moment I'm currently raiding on 4-5 characters per week (I'm a raid addict hehe), however I'd like to drop back to focusing on just 2 in MoP due to obvious time constraints. Dragon Slayers will be raiding Wed, Thu, Sun, Mon nights so a weekend guild for one of my alts would suit me perfectly.

I have the following characters available:
Holy priest (8/8H) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/jubeithos/Elaeyna/advanced
Resto Shaman (8/8H) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/amanthul/Shaiyh/advanced
Holy Paladin (5/8H) http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/amanthul/Llaynie/advanced

Yes I love healing and yes I have 2 holy priests (I'm crazy, I know)
I started raiding on my priest in January 2008 and was instantly hooked. I can play offspec shadow and ele to a reasonable standard, but I don't have an offspec for my paladin.

Let me know if you're interested (and in what toon) and I'll fill in an app.


WTB another priest, get an app in or chat to Serynn ASAP ^_^
LF hunters, mdps.
bumping is hard
^ You make me hard
Still LF Exceptional applications.
So devo'd I work Saturdays.

sounds like fun. can i join?!?!
Sure come on over will, could use you!
carry my 393 SPriest??? :P
07/18/2012 02:32 AMPosted by Astrobeast
carry my 393 SPriest??? :P

200k? lol jks - interested in spriest though.
Hope to hear from you guys soon!
07/21/2012 08:58 AMPosted by Delegates
Hope to hear from you guys soon!


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