I have a dream: For World PVP

Shattered Hand
I have long enjoyed PVP because each encounter is different. It takes you away from the grinding and farming of bosses that you know too well, and the mindless avoidance of fire. What a few friends and I used to do and by a few friends I mean there were 5 of us, we would mount up, head to the Stormwind Tram, and begin our slow siege of SW from inside. It is very fun to do and is about the only time that I ever encounter any Alliance players outside of a Battleground. What I am asking is this:

Once a week for 30 minutes or an hour, we get organized with 15-20 people, mount up, and go mess around in the trams. We arent going for any achievement, just our personal satisfaction that the Horde is better at PVP than the Allies. I do not care that they can see this because it would be more fun if they knew we were coming. Message me in game or on here if you would like to be a part of it once a week because as it stands it is just myself and my friend (Shammy/Mage) and we wouldnt stand much of a chance. Let me know.
And lets face it, everyone sits for hours in their home cities doing nothing.
There are alliance on this server?
In MoP finding world pvp will be easy. Like BC easy.

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