<Critical Elements> Lvl 25 PvE/PvP Guild

Critical Elements is recruiting all class/specs. For our Core 3 10 man we need DPS, Tank, and Healers. To be in one of our raid slots you need to have at least and item level of 385+.

We recently came from another realm and are familiar with most H mode fights. We are planning on doing H modes next week after we find a full 10 man team.

We will be starting up a RBG team aswell!

Whisper/Mail: Animaltooth, Maragore, or Vodoca if you are interested

Thanks for your time and looking forward to raiding!
thanks for the input...
Moving into "Mists" we are looking to fill out the ranks. Looking for Tanks and Ranged Dps mostly, But of course taking exceptional players of all classes and specs. We are a "Semi-Hardcore Progression" guild with 3 Core raid teams. Possibly turning into a 25m soon. We consider ourselves to be a fun, friendly helpful guild with the understanding people have IRL priorities(Suckerz). We run a Pvp division lead by Holycritlord, Myrien, Brutalmaz. If interested find me in game Angeltooth / Animaltooth @ Darkspear. Or post a reply with contact information. Regardless ''Good luck and have fun!"
3rd is building
25 man brings 15 more individual schedules to be open. There is always one thing or another why it isn't a good idea to go 25 man. Until its a viable option and a can be cohesive with everyone it's not. What I do like about 2 or 3 10 man cores is the flexibility of it. Everyone gets to raid.
Yeah Im down for a bump. You guys are pretty chill and easy going and really fun to pvp with in TB. +1 Chilli support. Looking foward to seeing you all around a lot more come MoP =D
Just get a hold of me in game. Animaltooth or Sneakytooth as of lately. Holycritlord & Brutalmaz are our Pvp leaders. Can't wait for Mists!! See ya soon.

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