WTS [Vial of the Sands] A & H!

Heya folks!

I ended up selling 6 sets of Spectral Tiger pairs (Epic and Rare) and several other TCG mounts cross realm and instead of spending $210 to bring 6 million gold over (6x guild Master transfer with lvl 2 gbank filled with 1mil each), I got over Vial of the Sands in 1 character transfer. They're loaded on both factions auction houses for 24990 gold each, which is a great price considering mats cost upto/above 32,000 gold+.

If you pst / send in game mail to Maxdps (Alliance) or Midniterider (Horde), I can sell it to you directly for 24000 gold (you save the auction house cut). Stocks are limited and going by the way they sold in both auction houses today, I'm soon going to be a happy panda! :D

As of today, the GM's have CONFIRMED this mount is now going account wide in Mists of Pandaria.

Link here > Post #300 > http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/5633973536?page=15

Guildmates of <Non Combat Pet>, <Heat> (guilds my characters are in), people that attend our gdkp runs, and people on my RealID will get further discounted prices on these mounts. Kindly pst Maxdps in game to avail the same.

Warmest regards to the BEST realm I've ever been on!

Posted by Game Designer - Mumper.

We have been discussing this issue the last couple of days and we made the call to make the following mounts account-wide:

•Traveler's Tundra Mammoth
•Grand Expedition Yak
•Mekgineer's Chopper
•Sandstone Drake
•Grand Ice Mammoth
•Ice Mammoth
•Jeweled Onyx Panther (all color variants)
•Cloud Serpents (all color variants)

At this point, the only mounts that are not account-wide are either class specific or rewarded from PVP. We feel like both these types of mounts should still be character specific.

Thanks for your feedback on this issue!

I will take one for 24,000g as a direct trade for the saving. I will look for you around 7pm pst tonight.
im interested in a tiger, look for me ingame or ask anyone in eventide for Sam
06/29/2012 10:27 PMPosted by Marceliñe
im interested in a tiger, look for me ingame or ask anyone in eventide for Sam

Thanks for the enquiry! <3

I had over 25 TCG mounts last week, as you may have noticed on the AH, but they all sold. I'm down to one swift spectral tiger which I'm holding for a buyer coming over cross realm in a couple days. So until I get new tcg mounts, I'm down to selling only [Vial of the Sands].

Started wth 350 about 4 days ago, now down to 260 odd. WTS! <3
Down to my last 47 x Vial of the Sands between both factions.

That's about 10 days stock at best. After that, prices are going to be back to 32k normal as ol' Maxxie is going to be out of the Vials selling market.

Get yours asap!

Pst Maxdps alliance side for 23k direct price.
Pst Maxikins horde side for 23k direct price.

Ty all! <3
Heya Max- do you have any left at 23k on horde side? I see above the count was at 47 a few days ago. ;o
Ty for buying! <3 Down to 36 now. :D
hey I'm interested in purchasing one from you alliance side. I'm on Tuesday's and Wednesday's between 6 and 9 server most of the time
Thanks again Max :)
Down to my last few.

** Above prices NO longer valid **

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