Feral/Balance Druid for RBGs

Earthen Ring
Borond, 85, Tauren Druid looking for serious Rated Battlegrounds over 1750 rating.

Add me on Real ID or e-mail me
  • kylesemail@rocketmail.com
  • Information
  • Dual talented into both Feral* (Melee DPS) and Balance (Caster DPS).
  • Can provide strong single-target damage or extreme multiple-target damage (Always top damage in RBGs).
  • Will provide wide variety of crowd controls.
  • I have a headset.
  • Feral
  • 4894 Resilience
  • Has raid items, if you're into that kind of thing.
  • Balance
  • 4357 Resilience with wearing both
  • Rathrak, the Poisonous Mind
  • Insignia of the Corrupted Mind

  • *For someone who actually desires a Feral Druid in their RBGs.
    gear that boomy set and contact Neckbeard, they seem legit.
    Borond doesn't CC we don't want him. He can play with our alt team though.
    good to know ty
    I was kidding hes very solid
    it's ironic how sarcastic I am and how bad I am at spotting it oO
    Sarcasm is never easy to read
    Bump, updated. lol

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