Shattered Hand
Are you undergeared, but have a lot of gold? Are you very well geared, but want to make some money on the side? If either one sounds like you, the DS 25 GDKP run is looking for you. We are currently seeking more buyers, as well as specific carriers (Mostly tanks and healers).

How does it work? It's pretty simple. You bid on an item, if you bid the highest you win! All gold is traded to the master looter, and added to the pot. At the end of the run, the pot is divided evenly 25 ways. If nothing drops for you, you make money. If you don't need anything, you make money. If you need something, you control your ability to get the item.

Buyers: We're looking for people that have more than 50k and an alt or main they want to gear up. We don't care what gear you're wearing, we don't care if you fail at raid mechanics, and we don't care if you're even good.

Carriers: We're looking for people that are at least ilvl 395, perform at an above average level, don't stand in fire, and want to make a good amount of money for a few hours work. Prove to us you're not terrible and you'll be offered a weekly spot.

The GDKP run takes place every Friday night at 7:30pm EST, and always ends at 11pm EST. Invites for carriers typically start around 7-7:15pm EST.

We recently completed our 2nd set of legendary daggers. We sell clusters as a complete run, at a flat rate. Starting 6/29/12, they will be locked to the highest bidder until their legendaries are complete, or they are unable to otherwise continue.

Current high bid on clusters is 25k per week.

If you're interested in either buying, or carrying, or legendaries, send Helrato an in-game mail.
Bump. New high bidder on legendaries. 25k per week.
you running this on this Friday I would like to bring this alt got 70k for him

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