Resto/Elemental Shaman LF HC Guild

Recently rerolled here back my rogue in Nazjatar i had 7/7 firelands pre geyser nerf
of the four winds Dragonslayer Grand crusader and more.
I am currently in a guild that raids one day a week and people hardly show up and its really pissing me off.
I have been playing this game since 06 and raiding since 2010.
I have simcraft im well aware of how to optimize and I can do Hmodes.

Note* Im aware that my resto set isnt reforged correctly but this is due to it being the same set as my elemental my elemental set is my main atm willing to change.

I can raid at almost any times and currently i am the top contributer to the guild bank.

If you have anymore question or would like to talk to me please message me @ <---- = real d dont email me i have way too much spam

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