Did I already do that quest...?

Hello, I've recently been getting very annoyed on alts in which I am constantly wondering if I did particular quests or if I have yet to complete the prerequisite quests to get to a quest, and what-have-you.

My most annoying thing thus far has been the distress beacon quests. Since they are a random drop, you theoretically could go forever and never see them *regardless* of the fact they don't have THAT terrible of a drop rate. However, I have gone disturbingly long times in the past farming them and still not getting them so it is an entirely legitimate concern.

Well, since I am not very good at remembering things, does anyone know of a method for me to be able to rely on to tell me which of these I've already completed?

I should have known better to make a ticket about this as I got the response of Blizzard being unable to provide in-game hints.

Well, if they're so *bold* as to imply so heavily that it is able to be done, then there better darn-well be a way. Otherwise, I'll consider the GM whom responded a filthy liar. That or just frikking lazy and giving out form letter responses left, right, and centre without any regard that maybe it doesn't fall under "in-game hints". (sorry, trying not to be bitter here but it's difficult because I don't know the full story here and obviously never will)

Either way, it'd be appreciated if there was anyone who could help me, be it direct advice or directions to where I can find the information I need to do this.
You can use the addons Wholly and Grail. They can tell you whether you have done a quest, and what prerequisites you need to do to be able to do a quest. You will need to login with the specific character to see that character's information.
There's a sticky at the top of this forum that shows you how to determine which of the chicken quests you've done.

I've done the chain on 5 toons over the past few weeks. Kills/beacon drop were:
The Hillsbrad drop took from 15-50 kills - random mobs.
The Feralas drop took 1-10 kills - all from Yetis near the chicken.
The Tanaris drop was a real PITA - averaged two evenings per drop killing everything I could find in the zone Cleared Zul'Farak more times than I care to remember but got 3 out of the 4 beacons from the trolls there.
Another Addon that does this is Quest Completist. You do a server inquiry and it will find out every single quest you've ever done.
You can also check your quest progress in a zone at:


and it will tell you what quests you have completed in the zone. There's a similar one at WoWhead but I can never find it. Both are free.
You might want to check the post http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4253898080 and note that website are going to be limited in giving you an accurate picture of what quests you have completed.
You Sir, ROCK!
Isnt there a way to check if you have done a single quest in game, no mods, if you know the quest number?? I know there used to be, but forget how.

as stated above...
.. is great. I use
almost daily for various content/game reference.

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