MoP level 90 warlock talents!

I don't have beta access so I'm not exactly sure how the talents work but from what I'm reading they sound:


unlorish(if thats a word)


as usual Blizzard is spending 2 seconds on the warlocks and moving on! I think all the level 90 talents needs to be changed. Especially the 200% raidus one. OMG how hard was that to come up with?! I should be looking forward to these talents instead of trying to choose which one will hurt me the least! I've seen many people in the Mop forums give many ideas for new level 90 warlock talents, still unfortunately Blizzard hasn't responded to many of them, from what I've seen. I truly hope the level 90 lock talents are changed before release...
They're not too bad, honestly. A few of them could use improvement, but on the whole they're not the worst lvl 90 talents out there.

The AOE one has great implications for AOE fights and for Destruction especially, because ROF is amazing for destro. With MF and destro spec, you can cast as many ROFs as you want on a gigantic area, auto-stunning enemies inside. This is especially nice in pvp. For demo it makes your HoG hit a gigantic area.

KJ cunning is good, but requires a high skill cap to make use of. It adds a lot of mobility for locks, and is quite useful in both PVP and PVE if you are good enough to make it work.

AV is pretty cool, but honestly I can only see it having PVP functionality. It's a great "oh !@#$" button to use in a pinch when someone is beating on you, but other than that it's not that amazing.
I agree with both of you.

I do feel the level 90 talants are lacking flare.

But honstly I'm more happy they fixed the level 60 talants.

And if you just swapped are level 70 talants with are level 90 talants and the tree looks better. But I would reather have kick ars talants sooner anyways.

And yes Seawolves they have there uses.

Edit: I know it's kind have hard for long time warlocks to wrap there heads around are tree here. Mainly becouse it's omost reverse of normal ablity progression for warlocks.

Number one reason we take a beating in lower level pvp is becouse we need are hole warlock kit in order to kick ars. And most of are key ablitys dont come together till later levels.

But are new talent tree is working differntly. Up to level 60 your rolling in some very good PvP abitlys and the last two tiers are dps and fluff. Both usefull but not as usefull as the first 4 for PvP.

What normaly happens is most of are PvE stuff is front loaded and most of are PvP stuff is back loaded. They just changed it up a bit.

By the time your level 60 about all you will be missing is Unending Resolve/Demonic Teleporting systems/and Fel Flames. Pluse what ever spec stuff you dont have yet. But baseline we should be looking alot better this way.
In my first post I wasn't exactly trying to say that the talents are horrible but I wish they could be cooler. They seem slightly dull and it just doesn't seem like Blizzard spent a lot of time thinking of them.

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