RP Challenge Sign-up(Rising Sun Fellowship)#2

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Here we are again! This is an RP Challenge to level from 1-85 IC without dying.

No heirlooms, use quest rewards and crafted items only.

Stay in character as much as possible.

Death is permanent after level 15. If you die in a guild group, it counts against you. Battle grounds and LFG dungeons are allowed in moderation.

Journal- http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4365750120?page=1

We expect you to keep journal entries, whether you are in the guild for the challenge or just to RP with us.

Rewards? The satisfaction of rping a character from level 1 to 85 should be its own reward. We want dedicated rpers and people who enjoy writing and creating a story

We have become more open as a guild, and are willing to, and would love to have, people just RPing, whether participating in the challenge or not.

Journal thread: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4365750120?page=1

OOC/Signup #1: http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4363778667?page=1
Hi, I'm Cyaer, and I'm running for President. I endorse this thread.

This was my first Horde, and first RPing experience. The folks of the Rising Sun Fellowship are good people.

I done got myself killed twice, so I'm out of the challenge part, but I stay for the RPing. Come join us!

Edit: Oh, and some of us are slightly crazy, can you tell who he is?
People! I need to level my cooking...

And possibly get pvp gear...

And pve gear...

Hurry up and hit 85 so we can do guild runs!
So you can play as any race regardless of whether or not they're a blood elf?
06/22/2012 11:01 AMPosted by Vynathlon
So you can play as any race regardless of whether or not they're a blood elf?

Yes, definitely! We only ask that you have a reasonable excuse for joining the Fellowship ICly.
And I assume that death knights are still out of the question then?
We have a few death knights in the Fellowship, Vynathlon, but they are not in the challenge. The objective is to stay "alive" for 85 levels and rp the journey. You are more than welcome to roll a dk and use it as a support for your challenger. In fact I recommend it to someone who is new to the server.

But yes we are open to other races and mainly for the rp. For instance, we have several rpers who are not in the challenge that are trying to get the guild to level up. As well as a few who would love to raid, at least moderately. But we are an rp guild, so I consider raiding to be for fun or maybe for transmorg gear.

We also have some great ideas for some stories and a few more higher levels would make the stories a bit more intriguing. For instance I have a goblin dk in the guild who is looking to form a business venture of running a sports arena. A gladiator type arena, with all the corruption of people owning a gladiator as an "indentured servant". This is still in the planning stages.

Cyaer, your Journal entry scares me!!
Yes I am planning and plotting, I had an inspiration hit me as I was writing Sam's Journal. If we have an open arena and wanted to have some duels that looked like gladiator combat, how about having some hunters send their pets in to fight a gladiator. Make it look like the Roman Colliseum? Any thoughts? It could be any hunter and the hunter themselves would stay in the background and possibly heal their pet, depending on the level, and not fight directly. Would be kind of like a pack of wolves or lions or whatever sent in to create the effects of what the Romans did.

I can see a bunch of lower levels being able to get into the fights this way just for the show. Pets don't permanently die anyway, they can be rezzed.
I like the idea, I'm entirely excited for all of this, Kel needs to set some things in order before I'm ready for her to disappear, but we need to set those ideas in stone, too.
Ok, I will be putting this large announcement here as there is not enough room anywhere and I cannot mass mail everyone(blizz needs to add this bad!)

Sunday Sunday Sunday Monster truck rally! But seriously, sundays will be Guild event days. I will be creating guild events from Xmog runs of old raid content, Achievment runs, dungeuon runs, pvp, to just plain old fun and whacky events. If you have any ideas, please mail me and we will discuss your idea. My goal is to create varying events, but try not to exclude everyone too much. Yes you cannot raid at lvl 40, but you can rp or be in a fashion show. Most events will be aimed for fun, as well as some for guild lvln. Again Sundays are now guild event days. THIS INCLUDES GUILD MEETINGS. Mail me your ideas and lets have some fun :).
Ah, yeah I am reserving Sunday from 1 p m to 3 for the Arena events. Will be inviting pvpers to come and challenge each other and make it an rp event. Mostly practice and fun. Will be in Gurubashi Arena in Stranglethorn Vale.
I love you for making it during the day, that means it's at a reasonable hour for me.

Nic, I'll change the guild MOTD to reflect that when I get on later.
Insane Mage reporting for duty!

Who's bone marrow shall I ignite?
06/23/2012 05:05 AMPosted by Aseria
Who's bone marrow shall I ignite?

Let's refrain from anyone important getting that treatment, hmm?
Also if other days work as well I will make 2 events a week. One for all lvls and one for higher lvls. This way EVERYONE gets to have fun :)
Sundays can be sketchy for me, depending on whether or not my live rp group meets. I will be on when I can. This next Sunday is out since the live group is meeting.

Will be posting my first segment in just a few moments. Not everything will be a journal entry since there will be stuff happening that she won't record, but should (hopefully) be an interesting read.
Good entry Kelthul, and I think you are doing fine.

For anyone wanting to know, I have posted an event on the forums. Sundays, from 12 noon to 3 pm. Open fight club training. The official start will be July 1st. The post is on the Cenarion Circle forums. I may post it here as well. We will see how much attention it gets on the CC forums.
Oh, I've been thinking for the past couple weeks how entertaining it would be to make a full switch to a RP server and find an active guild to join. As a PvEr, settling down on a highly rated PvP server was perhaps one of my most asinine decisions to date (though I would argue that getting my beloved baby Murky stuck on a character I don't play was far worse), and, with my love for writing and all, a RP server should have been my initial pick when I got on this game all those years back.

However, I'm not too fond of leveling up a new character from level one as I've been dying to level up a new death knight, so if you're okay taking in more people who aren't up for the challenge, but interested in RP and leveling, I would be thrilled to join. Is there somebody in particular I should seek out if I were to make a character on your server?
Welp, gonna get my Journal Entry up soon.

Also, Nic, I told you so :P *Gestuers to thread about Sin'dorei ages*
Hey there Colrick, you are most welcome to join as a death knight, and level to your hearts content. Who knows we may even get you to level up a regular character. And no you don't have to do the challenge, we are basically an rp guild with the main purpose of returning Glory to the SIndorei. So make a DK. And talk to Kelltira or any member of the guild who is online. They can invite you.

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