RP Challenge Sign-up(Rising Sun Fellowship)#2

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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When you get on, just do a /who Rising Sun and whisper someone.
Alrght will do once it's saturday :)
I'm usually on Saturday mornings around 10 CST or so, I'll keep my eye open for you. And looking forward to meeting you!
Thanks Cyaer :D

He is going to be named Soren when I make him (hoping it's not taken >.>) and I can't wait to join this is going to be interesting :D
Cyaer, I sent you in game mail. Let me know when you are online.
Will be returning to the land of the living on CC soon I promise.

Just need to finish off my ret set and then I can be on finally.
Will throw up a post on this guy doesn't show Shorrenn on here right now so watch out
Thank you to everyone who has signed up to be filmed. There are several characters that have yet to sign up and I know that I will just need to catch Aseria when he is on.

Here is who I have filmed: Kel'Tira, Solorin, Lyrilia, Tislina, Cyaer, Kreindis, Kara Vaelia (by proxy), and of course, Auxilia - although I may film her in a different spot, everyone else is so cheerful and hers is a little dark.

Here is who I had on my list who has not been filmed: Nicias, Karamia, Tyrael, Aseria, Alenthis, Ang’iel, and Malathir

If you don't want to be filmed, that is fine. If you do want in, please pick an available time from the list below and post it here. I will be going out of town for the weekend on Friday.

Monday October 8
6pm (9pm) –

7pm (10pm) –

Tuesday October 9

6pm (9pm) –

7pm (10pm) –

Wednesday October 10
6pm (9pm) –

7pm (10pm) –

Thursday October 11
6pm (9pm) –

7pm (10pm) –
Getting ready to throw up another OOC thread, I was going to be in game this morning, but the maintenance is happening. Poop.

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