RP Challenge Sign-up(Rising Sun Fellowship)#2

World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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Whoever has an herbalist... I need some bloodthistle.
Kel, please tell me this is for some potion or concoction of that sort. I would hate to find you are addicted to this. I can get some for you, it's rather prevalent in the Eversong area.
It's a long, long story... you should get in game XD
Unfortunately, I am at work on lunch. But I will be in game shortly after work, say in about 4 hours, and I will get some bloodthistle for you. I look forward to talking to you in game.
Ahhh... I probably won't be around in 4 hours... I've got stuff to do tonight XD I might be on later, we'll see. I'm working on a journal entry, that might explain some stuff.

Really enjoying your journal entries. Keep up the good work. Miss you here in Silvermoon City. Come back safe, K?

I'm enjoying her journal posts quite a bit myself, the action is well-paced. Reading her entries are making me think about getting into some manner of fight that would be worth jotting down in the journal as a fight scene, rather than introspection toward the events that I observe, or become a part of, during my travels.

Really enjoying your journal entries. Keep up the good work. Miss you here in Silvermoon City. Come back safe, K?

Oh, Auxi will be back... probably. Safe? Uh... maybe...
Question: Do you have an Alliance version of this going on or is it just Horde only?
I tried starting one Alli side, but did not get much response. Most of Alli side rp is caught up in the regular people who have been on the server a long time and run things pretty much. New guilds often get lost on Alli side coming against such great guilds as Pia and LO. I respect them and love them, but they really have their own stories and a little guild Alli side just did not seem popular.

Damn girl, love the gear and outfit...I want a set of those for date night! Again, another set of fine writings. I'm on edge just to see if you get out of there! You do this professionally, or are you just good? :)

I will not be able to be "in game" until later tonight...around 8 pst/10 cst - family stuff.
Ty Cyaer and Black for your compliments on Auxi's current adventure. It has been fun to write. I am not a professional writer, but have been writing stories and roleplaying for over 20 years. I do write a lot, although I have not put up for viewing much of what I have written. I am working through the outline for a six-part (I think it will be six) part story for Diablo which I am considering posting on the Diablo forums once I have it finished.

And just a point of clarification, what is happening isn't being drafted into her journal. It is just a play-by-play of what she is doing (keeping her active on the forums since I have been on vacation this week). It should wrap up either tomorrow evening or Sunday and she will be writing in her journal at the close.

Admittedly, Auxi has been a fun character to play an write, my two other WOW characters (pally and priest) are both more pious and wholesome than the rogue. I decided that I wanted someone who was darker and tread in a lot of gray areas while having a rogue that wasn't another assassin.
The one charge for signing up for the challenge was keeping a journal. That terrified me, I am not a writer. No experience writing, hated English Comp...the whole nine yards.

And I had been reading all the other journal entries for the characters in the guild, and I thought that "there ain't no way this farm boy from Iowa" was even going to be able to keep up with these great writers. Everyone seems to have some writing skills in posting those journals.

I'm guessing all those times RPing in game really helps when it comes to putting the words down for the character. I am still in awe of the wonderful people I have met here, and had the opportunity to RP with in this great game.

I keep a dictionary next to me when I'm writing up my journal entries, just so I don't mispell a word, and I look halfway intelligent. I suppose I'll get better as I keep on playing.

I guess what I am really trying to say is that I am really enjoying everyone's posts. I have found myself getting caught up in the dramas and stories each of the characters post to their journals. And for me, an avid reader, that's the greatest compliment I can give any of you...you pull me into your story, and I get hooked big time.
All of you are doing great. And Cyaer, like any skill, it takes practice. I am an avid reader myself, but this game has me totally hooked in that not only can I write stories, which I love doing, but I can get into the story as one of the characters!

And others stories have me in awe as well. I am ok with coming up with ideas, but most of them never leave the ground. Keep in mind CC is a hotbed of really good storytellers, Make sure to check out the CC forums. There are some new stories out there forming and it would be fun to get involved, even if just an occational side part.
And the intrigue builds!

*Que music*

Here we go again!

Great jobs tonight everyone! Another week has gone by already!
And I can't even begin to express how glad it makes me to know I'm partaking in such a terrific guild plot, with an even more wondrous crowd. I tip my hat to you all for helping to sink your teeth in me, and pull me off the PvP server I once called home.
Last week of school for me!

I should be able to lvl Aseria...and get some more...interesting things happening with her.

Will get a journal entry up soon
I love reading the Journal, you guys are all very talented!! Oh please make sure if someone writes something you do not agree with or is inaccurate that you talk with them and straighten it out so you are all satisfied. Either in skype or in game.
I fixed my journal entry so it doesn't look like I just pulled it from my rear and threw it at the thread.

Looks decent now.

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