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((He was elsewhere. He just happened to be leading his soldiers through when the order was given to execute me. Hell, maybe he ran the damn prison!))
(( 10 Thousand Soldier between the Harbor Gate and flooding the canals... I've worked so hard explaining this in other posts. ))
(( It's also likely a General would be leading the defensive front (Brigadier Gen) so even a major would not be able to pull this off... ))
((Sorry, man. I'm just way too tired to do this now. I'll come back tomorro- erm, in a few hours and see if I can actually be competent.))
(( *Nod* Thats a great idea... I think I will also resume tomorrow... ))
((Considering it's the harbor, I could see a captain or rear admiral being in charge. If you don't know our ranks, the capt is the same as colonel and rear admiral is a brigadier gen. And you guys are no fun =( I'll be awake for another 4 hours, haha.))
((Lol, while I myself am the son of army vets, my grandfather was a navy vet xD I could probably ask my dad, though, because I'm a bit rusty on my naval ranks.))
((It's weird, the officer ranks of the AF, army and marines are all basically the same, and then there's us. Navy's O ranks are all weird.))
(( Alright, It's a new day and I think I've calmed down.... *Glares at Kuul*... Let the RP Continue! (However, I still cannot work with that post at all my friend... Please for the love of (Insert Deity Here) Just escape prison and meet up with Aakesh...) ))

Laman stood firmly as he awaited the Shaman's response to his request. She would be able to help heal the wounded Soldiers as well as the other medics.. he thought. Although, He could not shake the feeling of suspicion as to why she would protect the enemy. He turns and enters the command tent and gets on the radio. "This is Azora Detachment, Requesting additional orders and a sitrep on the conflict at the Harbor."

The radio sputters as a man's voice carries over. "Affirmative, Current Orders are to hold your position. The Harbor has been temporarily taken, The gates have been sealed and our archers are engaging the enemy from the top of the wall. Also, A joint fleet has been completed and are now engaging the enemy blockade just outside the harbor. We estimate that the Harbor will be retaken within the week. We still hold superiority in the skies. Lastly, I've received reports that the Prisoner Death Knight has been executed... SI:7 is searching the city as we speak for the knight "Aakesh". That is all."

Laman nods and replies. "Roger, Azora Detachment holding position until further orders."

He sits down at the small table and begins looks over the tactical map, He would soon have to retake Redridge... That will be no simple task.
((Sorry for the screw ups. As I said, I was very tired))
(( Its not a problem! Thank you for understanding and correcting it. ))
((will not be posting again till tuesday, dont even have enough time to post now.. just want ya'll to know im still here... this is to interesting to leave))
((This post is almost 100% inspired by LotR))

Sod'fik was at one of the Horde ships, trying to get the sails down.
"'Ere!" he said to some of the others who had followed him. "We can use de masts to climb up de walls, we just need to get de sails down!"
The others followed what he had instructed, and were taking the masts back to the tauren archers trying to kill the Alliance on the walls. They handed masts to the Bluffwatchers and Sunwalkers, who began shimmying up them. The goblins were throwing their bombs onto the top of the wall, which had a succes rate of about 2:1. The tauren smashed into many of the Alliance troops, while others fell from toppling masts. Eventually the goblins brought out their "special cargo."

The goblins had stowed a crate full of special bombs called "the Bigger One" aboard each of the ships. If they survived this, Sod'fik swore he'd punch every goblin he saw for putting the lives of this expedition at risk. But they were useful in wiping out the Alliance sharpshooters. The Horde suffered heavy losses, but still had over two fleets' worth of soldiers. Every Alliance archer on the wall was killed.

The goblins, still having several crates of Bigger Ones left, used one to blow up the gate. Though it did not completely destroy it, the gate was set on fire - a fire which burned for about 10 minutes until an archway was large enough for the troopers to get through. They made their way into the Cathedral district, which took quite a bit of time. Sod'fik and the other shaman and priests were doing nicely, healing efficiently and killing a soldier here or there. But they weren't nearly as good as the druids. There were trolls and tauren who had turned into bears, plowing through the Alliance forces. Others had turned into cats, pouncing on enemies, and some had even turned into trees, healing very efficiently. The moonkin were also quite good at killing, casting spells from afar before the footmen could reach them. They did suffer more losses getting into the district, but they did eventually accomplish it.

They were pushed into the Cathedral of Light. The witch doctors set up several cauldrons in the catacombs, and other areas of the cathedral were used for healing the wounded. Sod'fik was sent out carrying a white flag and no weapons at all in order to negotiate a temporary truce for the end of the day, so that both sides could burn (or bury) their dead and heal their wounded.
"Do not be shootin' at me, mons! I be comin in peace! I want a truce for de night, so dat we all can rest an' heal an' count our dead! Can ya accept?"
He had seen it all, The goblins destroying the Harbor Gate and many of the Alliance being killed on the low wall. However, They did not realize the second tier of high wall was still holding at least One hundred trained marksmen. The fighting was brutal as both sides lost hundreds upon hundreds of men, His calculations suggested for every inch gained was Two Hundred horde losses.

He held the front as everything fell apart around him, he had no choice but to call a retreat. His chilled voice echoing across the alliance defensive force.

"Fall Back to the second line!" he shouted.

The remaining soldiers fell back and allowed the horde to eventually secure the Cathedral District, However... They were now contained with only a route to the harbor which had now become a gauntlet as archers continually fired volleys from the second tier wall and high towers.

He approached the command structure and slammed the door open. The gathered Officers were lower ranked, Mere Lieutenants and Captains. It seemed the higher ups had fallen back and gave orders from the more secured districts of Stormwind.

The officers eyed the Death Knight a moment as he cleaned the blood sticking to his armor before saluting him. The leading Captain approaches Leocedes.

"Colonel, We've successfully contained the horde force into the Cathedral District. It is fortunate we moved the priests and light-bearers to the keep." he honestly looks proud of this.

Leocedes's eyes narrow as he slams a plated fist onto the table cracking it before shouting. "Where the hell is the joint fleet?! We've lost nearly three thousand soldiers. Even if the horde has lost triple that they have access to the coast. We need the blockade and re secure the harbor immediately. Inform the high towers to continue their barrage on reinforcements, Also, Order the Royal Guard to turn the cannons from the keep and aim for the harbor, We must destroy their docked ships distributing supplies!"

The room was silent as the leading Captain salutes and runs off to give the orders.

Leocedes walks from the room and gets up onto the wall looking over the Cathedral District. They still held the air and the high towers. A troll was walking out to no-mans land carrying a white flag, He called for a temporary cease fire to bury and count the dead. He curls his hand into a fist, This Troll would bury or burn their dead in the most holy sanctuary of Stormwind. He looks at a nearby sharpshooter and says. "Kill the emissary and continue barraging the enemy... Now!"

The sharpshooter cringes in fear then looks through his scope and fires, he must have been shaking because the bullet had missed its course and hit the troll in his shoulder. Leocedes turns and stalks away thinking the emissary was dead.

He gets on the radio. "Gryphon Riders, Begin dropping explosives on the docked ships and the supply line immediately."

The radio sputters as a dwarven voice comes through. "Aye, We'll give 'em hell." then cuts out.

Leocedes nods and returns to his post at the front.
((Even for a death knight, that is REALLY cruel))

Sod'fik dropped the flag and fell to the ground, grabbing at his left shoulder. "AAAAAGGGHHHHHH!!!!" his scream bellowed throughout the city. One of the goblin sharpshooters shot one bullet back at Sod'fik's attacker, a bullet that landed straight in the eye. One of the tauren carried him inside as two others slammed the doors shut.
"We be needin' de radio..." Sod said as the tauren set him down. "We be needin' reinforcements from Orgrimmar. We be needin' de Kor'kron."
"The Kor'kron? Weren't they supposed to be with the other orcs?" asked a goblin.
"No. The Kor'kron remained in Durotar and Tirisfal, anyicipating a moment like this." Perith walked up from the catacombs. "Troll, can you heal yourself?"
"Not wit dis much damage. I tink de sniper took out an artery."
"Then get him down to Gadrin immediately!" Perith barked at the tauren who brought him in. "Chief Engineer, get me online with Captain Bloodfist. The troll is right, we need the Kor'kron."

Perith had a short conversation with Bragor, ending in "We await a portal." The goblin magi set up a portal to Orgrimmar, and soon a battallion of Kor'kron had flowed through. The orc who led them in had them doing pre-battle exercises. Down in the catacombs, Sod was being healed by other shamans. It took a while, but he regained his health enough to heal himself the rest of the way.
"I be tankin' ya, brethren." he said before making his way upstairs. "Sir," he saluted the Kor'kron commander.
"Champion Vor'grot Hammershatter," the leader introduced himself.
"We be stayin' 'ere for da night. De battle commences tomorrow. We be needin' time ta heal."
"Take all the time you need. It is dishonorable to sent the wounded into battle." he clenched a fist. "As it is dishonorable to attack a non-combatant! I promise you, troll, I shall find the man who ordered the sniper and I SHALL END HIM! LOK'TAR OGAR! FOR THE HORDE!" his voice echoed throughout the cathedral.
"Tank ya, Champion." he returned to his healing duties.

Vor'grot stumbled upon the first aid station. "Hey! I think I've found a bandaging area! We could use these!" he also found a book on first aid and a large supply of differrent cloths. He tossed the book to Perith. "Stormhoof! If any of your men do not know how to make a proper bandage, pass this around!"
Sod'fik thought that it was handy to have found that station. The witch doctors could only make so many potions at once. He had been communing with the spirits after finishing his healing duries. The loa were upset. He felt his tattoos searing with their anger, especially the one on the shoulder where he had been shot - Bonswamdi. It was very bad juju to anger the loa of the dead. As peons brought in fresh supplies and armor and weapons from Orgrimmar, Sod'fik sensed the spirits gathering for the coming fight as well. The Horde's ancestors were going to help.
Leocedes was reading reports quietly in the Command Structure, His most recent was a report from the SI:7 simple stating, "All Is Prepared." Following that report was the Aerial Bombardment report from the Gryphon Rider Division, Stating the few docked warships had been set ablaze and the survivors were attempted to rally to the Cathedral.

His mouth twists into a grin and he laughs, Their docked ships were burning and the runners were being picked off by sharpshooters. He looks to a dark shadows in the room. "Commence Operation."

A moment later the shadow vanishes, As the night progressed SI:7 agents infiltrated the Cathedral District assassinating Staff Sergeants and Petty Officers who led the squads in battle. All silently, the corpses were left to rot in their small rooms. However, The doors of their rooms had also been locked so no one would enter. Meanwhile another portion had begun setting explosives in the provisions and ammunition storage. Goblins sure loved gunpowder. ((Payback for Laman when he was in Northrend...))

Nearing midnight the agents retreated back into the shadows of the Secret Passages not losing one man, But killing Nearly Twenty Petty Officers and Staff Sergeants.

The night drew on as sharpshooters took shots at any horde who revealed themselves into the open. Around 1:30, They explosives go off destroying the gunpowder and munitions as well as any of the horde posted to guard it. The food and medical supplies had also been torched by the explosion in its storage area.

Leocedes laughed as the Cathedral District went up in flames and the smell of spent powder reached his nose.

A chill laugh that echoed across the separated districts.
((That's totally G-Modding. First off, aerial surveillance can't see into the Cathedral. It should have been common logic that the Horde found a way to black out the windows. Either way, have you ever tried looking through stained glass at night?

Aside from that, are you meaning to tell me that your agents got into the cathedral, killed off a large chunk of NCOs, and weren't attacked? I said the Horde was pushed back into the cathedral itself, not the district! That means that all of the remaining troops were inside. Again, serious G-Modding. I suggest you fix it))

((Edit: And by the way, the Horde's objective was to destroy the city, not capture it. By burning down the CD, you're doing them a favor.))
(( Um... Im not god modding. Your saying you crammed an entire army / fleets worth of soldiers into a tiny !@# cathedral and at the same time healing your wounded / stacking your dead AND ON TOP OF THAT stacking your supplies... -.-

And yes, There are many secret entrances into the old Cathedral for the SI:7 Agents and then im guessing any wise NCO would order his men to rest for an oncoming battle.

Also, Aeriel Surveillance is viable when your soldiers have to set up tents / communications / logistics posts outside.

Do not say this is incorrect at all otherwise I will say there is no way in hell you grew up an "Army Brat"...

Edit: AND I QUOTE - "The Horde suffered heavy losses, but still had over two fleets' worth of soldiers." You.

Do you understand how much men is in a FLEET? Everything I have said is correct and completely possible. ))
((....I thought the canals and City were still frozen from Aakesh 's spell?? @.@?? ))
((You do realize that everything is scale, right? I took this into account. No, it does not take three minutes to run across SWC, no, it does not take five to fet from SWC to Redridge. Stormwind City is most likely the size of New York - all five boros. The cathedral is the largest land mark. are you saying that you wouldn't be able to cram 2 fleets into a cathedral about half or more of the size of Central Park, plus a portal to an entirely different city? Also, fleets in-game are substantially smaller than fleets IRL. An in-game fleet would likely be comprised of three to five warships, from the few fleets shown in WoW))

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