An Uncertain Future ((Open RP))

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His shift had ended and Laman packed up his parchment and reports into his desk and a small case he would bring home too examine later. The guards had been doubled and although complaints are high all of the Watchmen seem too be doing their job. He turns in his personal report too the Lieutenant Commander and walks out the door.

The cool breeze blew onto him. It was calm and peaceful, Looking around the courtyard he noticed a Man looking through his rifle scope up at the mountain side. Laman ponders lightly and decides the Man must have heard the rumors... "Well he must be troll hunting..." He shrugs and walks down the old path too the graveyard and again takes his seat near the 81st Memorial Marker, Occasionally drinking from his flask and quietly reflects.

If the Man is still in the courtyard when he leaves, He'll speak with him personally. So close too the Cathedral, No man should be pointing a rifle in the City regardless. He was clearly not military...

Laman dismisses the man from his thoughts and remembers where he is. He silently prays and stares expressionless into the night sky as the wind blows, rustling the trees around him.

Pillock sat atop the hill still scanning the courtyard. The Death Knight strolled in walking just past the tree without noticing the whistle. "Thank goodness" Pillock thought, "the sun must not be hitting it properly for him to catch the light." He watched as the Death Knight and the groundskeeper exchange words. They parted and the groundskeeper flinched slightly, then looked directly at the tree and began walking towards it.

"Damnit no...please no." Just as he cursed the events that were about to happen another bright shine flashed in his scope. He glanced over quickly and noticed the Dwarft Hunter looking directly at him. His heart was essentially the force that threw him to the ground. He waited a minute or so and then peered back over the hill. The Dwarf was no longer looking at him. He glanced at the tree and could see no whistle. The groundskeeper slowly strolled towards the Cathedral.

As he followed her in his scope his line of sight crossed the Death Knight. He watched his face. The man looked up at the hill, then back to the ground and a smile crossed his face. Chills erupted throughout the trolls core. And finally the troll noticed the guard. Sitting amongst the graves as usual. Strangely as it was, the sight of the man calmed Pillock. He seemed to be the constant and peaceful force amongst all these uncertainties. Suspense holding him to the hill, he had to start figuring out a plan to get into the city.
Fear. Aakesh could feel it all around him. It gripped at the air like the frigid expanses of Icecrown. Thick and heavy, it fueled his power, making him feel as close to alive as he thought was possible for someone like him. He breathed it in, his heart pumping the intoxicating smell through his veins, chilling the already near frozen blood past what ice could even reach. Closing his eyes, he felt every dead cell in his body thrum with excitement an power. It is good to feel this again he thought to himself.

The feeling had started mere moments after the young girl had taken the whistle into the orphanage. The troll had watched it happen, he knew it. Aakesh knew the troll had seen the Death Knights look of greed and longing. The fear emanating from the beast told him all he needed to know. Turning his head back to the hill, he licked his lips, not unlike a hungry dog trying to pinpoint the unfortunate creature.

"If he hadn't come across me, he might still be alive when all this is over," Aakesh whispered to himself, longing to begin destroying again.
After her evening prayers and chores, Majustu retreated to the cloister to turn in for the night and retreated to her small room. Like the other novices, she had a room that was truly only big enough for her cot, the small trunk at the foot of her cot for her few clothes and belongings, and a bedside table that had a water pitcher and basin. The only light was what came through the tall, narrow slit of a window and the candle on her bedside table.

Emptying her pocket, she placed the whistle on her bedside table by the basin. Lifting the water pitcher, she filled the basin with enough water to wash-up for the night. Stripping down from her habit, she washed up before changing into an ankle-length nightgown. Setting her work-soiled habit in a laundry basket, she idly tidied up an already clean room before glancing out the narrow window; she thought about closing the shutter before deciding against it - sometimes the small room could get so stuffy when it was closed. Besides it was pretty narrow, even being on the first floor, no one should be able to climb in.

Decision made, she climbed into bed. Blowing out the candle, she settled back onto her cot and closed her eyes. Morning would come soon enough...
Thorv looked up at Aakesh. The Death Knight was starting to show his true colors. A wicked grin marred his face, and he kept glancing up at the hill Thorv had seen the quick flash of light on. "Peraps I did see somethin up thar. I aint' no fool, at' troll be sittin thar, but fer what purpose?" he wondered silently to himself, scratching Kuuro behind the ear.
Laman finishes his flask and stands up, He bows respectfully too the memorial marker and stretches himself out. He realizes he was sitting there for nearly four hours without moving. His body aches from inactivity and he begins walking back too his humble home. He decides the Dwarf shouldn't be a problem and notices a Human, A death knight by the look of him who seemed too be crazed or Mad for that matter.

He dismisses the thought, He was just tired and needed rest. If anything went wrong, He would hear about it in the middle of the night or the following morning. So Laman continues walking into his house, Doffs his heavy plate and slides right into bed. Sleep engulfed him, He had apparently also been drinking heavily during those four hours.

The Nightmares Began.

The icy shoreline rose into sight, A thin mist surrounds the ship's hull and around the deck. Laman stood at the helm as his subordinate approaches behind him. "Lieutenant, We've received orders too begin landing onto the shoreline and secure an Landing zone for the second wave...

He nods and reads over the written orders that arrived, Then turns toward the shoreline once more and eyes the coast. There was no signs of fortifications being made too slow the first wave... He turns too the nearest landing boat and boards it, His shimmering gold Lieutenants insignia swaying proudly. These soldiers are well seasoned veterans, Men who've served under his father for many years now. But now, Laman will be leading the forward advance, His father following behind him after a landing zone has been established. A Well Thought Plan.

In seemingly no time, The boats reached the shoreline and the men reactively exited the ship, swords drawn and shields at the ready. They moved forward up the coast meeting no resistance, only the eerie thuds of plate on solid ice as three hundred soldiers cross the coast. Laman looks around once more and gives the signal too halt and walks too his fastest trooper. "Private, Run back too the landing boats and send them back for the second wave, It seems deserted." The Private salutes and takes off back toward the boats. As they sail off back toward the fleet, Laman examines the conditions around him... Why hadn't he noticed it before...

Multiple thuds are heard and men fall... Screams of agony arise as the wounded try too get the attention of their comrades... Then he heard it...


The forward scout party is in full retreat and all around them, The scourge crawl through the ice beneath their feet... Archers taking position on the high-ground hailing arrows down on them. Nearly a mile out, Laman sees more... It seemed like three whole companies of scourge were approaching...

They were trapped...

Laman quickly orders his men too form a defensive line quickly and his crossbowmen too return fire on the Skeletal Archers above them. Through the rough reformation nearly forty of his men were lying in the snow or on the ice, Dead or wounded he didn't know. With his sword drawn he rushed forward too command his line of defense as they struggle against the ambushers. All around him, His men fell dead and he looked forward once more, The real battle was just beginning...

Laman awakens in his bed, Sweaty and exasperated.

He sits up, Back too the wall and just sits there...
Dawn broke along with Pillock's sleep. Abruptley awakening he had a rice cake stored in his pack and a drink from his flask. That damned Death Knight had been posted up on the roof of that building all night long. Such are the benefits of being essentially dead.

It was time, Pillock gathered his rifle and made his way down the hill towards the forrest and made his way to the shoreline north. He dipped into the ocean and swam his way to Deathwing's breach in the wall. He climbed the hill and went into a dark room just off to the left. He worked his way up the fortress. Climbed the bricks to the sentry tower and posted up looking across the courtyard. The guards had been moved from this wall to the mage quarter wall. He sprinted across the wall to the northern most tower connecting to the graveyard.

He could see where the usual guard normally sat in the graveyard. He was proud that he had made it all this way without a problem. And then it struck him...he had come out of the water. It had all dried by the time he got to the top of the broken down fortress by the breach but the path from the beach and the stairs up the fortress would still be wet for a few more hours at least.

"Now we wait." he thought quietly.
The fear had subsided, but only slightly. Furthermore, it seemed closer. So close Aakesh could almost grab it, squeeze it until it grew in desperation. He wanted that feeling of being alive again. He longed to destroy everything, kill everyone, feel his heart race, pumping his blood as it grew colder and colder with every bit of anguish he caused others.

Shaking his head, the Death Knight took a deep breath, trying his best to use old methods to calm his thoughts. "Ironic that the colder my blood gets, the more alive I feel. The more pain I cause, the happier and calmer I become. That fear is my ally; something used to heal and strengthen, rather than hurt," he muttered under his breath.

A slight smell of salt reached his nose. Not unlike sweat, but stronger. It had the stench of dirt; not that of the surrounding area, but that with more natural iron in it. Red earth he thought. Now where would red earth of that type come from? It seemed familiar, as if he had smelled it years before, back in a frozen land, back when he was...A guard came the thought.

Yes, he recognized the smell for what it was. That of the trolls and orcs. A smell that only came from years spent in the rustic dirt of Durotar. He was here, the troll had to be. His wicked grin stretched across his face, morning light shinning off his perfectly cared for teeth.

"Come out, come out wherever you are," he called, using his ghastly voice to carry the sound across the entire Cathedral district. "I only want to play with you," he cooed in mock innocence. "I will find you my moss covered friend." A deep, hallow laugh started deep in his chest, growing ever louder until it echoed off the very mountains outside of Stormwind, blanketing the whole city in a frigid air.
Thorv awoke with a start. He knew that voice, that haunting sound, the shock that ran down your spine as the Death Knight spoke. "Come out, come out wherever you are. I only want to play with you. I will find you my moss covered friend." Heart racing, hair on end, and brain scrambling to make sense of what was happening, Thorv curled into a tight ball until the bone chilling, blood freezing laughing ceased.

It took the dwarf a few moments to calm down enough to unfurl himself and listen. The whole city had gone deathly silent, including the birds and cats that normally would be fussing. Even the sounds of happy shoppers, loyal worshipers, and the military's watchmen had fallen silent. Judging from the position of the sun, it was mid to late morning. The laugh had reached the whole city, and, like Thorv, it's patrons had been caught in the fear.

Even Kuuro was hiding, laying under the stone bench, hair on end, fangs brought to bear, and ears pressed flat against his skull. "So at's da power of da death knight's eh'? Ne'er in da two years we worked together as he shown at," Thorv muttered, holding his chest and breathing, trying his best to calm himself. The air had gone cold so very cold.
"Come out, come out wherever you are. I only want to play with you. I will find you my moss covered friend."
It felt like ice clawing away at his mind. "The Death Knight knows," he thought, "I can tell he is all to eager to be rid of me." And he felt a little self conscious looking down at his feet and seeing he was, in fact, partially covered in moss.

Where was that blasted girl?! He needed a way to get into the cathedral to find her room. So many perils, so many uncertainties, so little information. Every bit of this task was becoming more and more daunting, considering it started out as pretty grim anyway.

He began to think. "The cathedral's don't have upstairs usually, and most people wouldn't stay down in the crypts below. So she has to be on the main level." *scans the perimeter of the cathedral closest to him* "There are windows, but much to small for my kind. If only I was born goblin..." He chuckled to himself. "I could try and get over to the windows and at least look in sometime at night but that Death Knight always patrolling, and the hunter would surely pick up some sort of smell if he hadn't already." He had seen a gnome women recently in the graveyard aswell, she looked as though she were drinking with the dead...strange. And the final piece, that guard that always sat about the cemetary, how would he make it past him?

Considering all of that, he figured there was about a 15 minute opening in the wee hours of the morning...and that was if he was lucky...
Sitting up in his bed he heard the bone chilling yell, Laman had felt this kind of chill before... But no longer, He stands and dons his plate and his sword, His insignia swaying from his shoulder as he runs from his home toward the source of the yell, Rallying any Watchmen also searching on the way... In the end he had only been able to gather two other men. Upon closer examination, They were only Junior Officers... Just out of training...

The three officers enter the Cathedral District swords drawn searching the area for the source of the disturbance, During the search one Junior Officer had headed into the Cathedral too ensure the safety of the priests. The second looks at Laman, Fear ever so apparent on his face as he looks up at the Death Knight on the roof.

Laman looks up at the Knight and speaks directly without a hint of fear in his voice, "Come down from there!" Laman watches as the Knight looks down on them, He was the same one from the previous night, Madness has taken control it would seem. The Junior Officer starts shaking slightly in fear.

The eerie stillness of the early morning without a sound, Only a chill hanging in the air.

Laman wonders... Is today the day...?
She woke before the dawn as was normal and washed up - dressing in a clean set of robes, she headed out and went about the usual daily routine of chores and prayers. The whistle was safely tucked in her pocket and she went to the orphanage inquiring if any of the children had been playing in the trees - many denied it and only a few admitted it, but they hadn't lost anything during their playtime.

If it wasn't theirs then who did it belong to? One of the other children living in and around the district...? She'd keep it with her, just a little longer then...

And then there was that bellowing, that laughter - the children huddled behind the skirt of the matron and herself and cautiously she peered out of the orphanage to see the guardsman that would sit in the cemetery shouting up at someone on a rooftop. The air was so chill, she could see her breath puffing out. The cold and fear gripped her - were they under attack? She wasn't strong, she wasn't a fighter, not like Marguax, Riveka, or her sister; she was the weakest Novice of her age-group in terms of mystical power and and combat skills.

What should she do...?
Laman looks over at his companion, Shaking in fear... His breathing coming out in short gasps, Even if a fight began he would only hinder Laman... He says calmly, "Junior Officer, Take refuge in the Orphanage and see too it that the occupants are not harmed..." Laman gestures to the orphanage across the square. The Junior Officer, Somewhat frozen in fear nods slowly and makes a slow retreat too the shelter making sure too not take his eyes from the Death Knight on the roof.

Upon entering the Orphanage, The Junior Officer attempts too calm himself and looks at the frightened children and matrons, Even a young novice of the cathedral.

So young... he thought. Then began asking the matrons and the young novice too get the children into the cellar or somewhere more secure then the living areas.


Laman looks back up at the Knight, Waiting for him too either respond or take action. His hand rests on the hilt of his blade.
"Come down from there!"

Aakesh looked down, his wild grin still caressing his face. A guardsman of Stormwind. What's more it was that guardsman, the one always sitting in the cemetary. His grin crawled even farther up his jaw, reaching an inhuman point. He chuckled, the sound once again echoing far across Stormwinds districts.

He stood up, starring down at the watchman, eyes glowing with malice. Tendrils of unholy magics creeped along his body, swirling off into the air. Frozen air wafted from under his plated robe, small clouds billowing up, only to disappear under the suns intense gaze. Every breath brought with it a, dark, crimson mist and the smell of iron.

A single step forward, and he was falling, feet first, for the ground mere feet away from the guard. He crashed into the ground, the sound of cracking stone could be heard as the path gave way to his massive weight. His knees bent, bringing his rear almost in contact with the ground, before the threw his left knee forward, leaving him in a kneeling position. Frost threw itself across the ground, freezing loose stones in place before they had a chance to move. Heavy armor clanged loudly as it too left free fall, shifting upon itself at the sudden stop. Standing up, he looked at the guard and smiled, insanity already leaving his face. "Is there a problem sir?"
The hollowed laughing, another burst chilling the air. He could hear it coming from the courtyard. Then came yelling from someone other than the Knight.

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"Come down from there!"

From Pillock's position in the tower he could just see the entrance to the orphanage. The little ones all scurrying in behind their matron, followed by a guard. The tension in the air was enough to kill. He leaped down from his spot. The laughing and yelling had cleared all people from the area. He sprinted the whole length of the cemetary, climbed a tree along the east wall of the cathedral, and leapt across to the roof. He moved behind one of the pinnacles closest to him and slowly peered around the edge.

There was the Death Knight atop the roof of his normal building, and the guard on the ground was the one seen from the cemetary. The Death Knight leapt from the building, slamming hard into the ground and freezing a crater around him. This had the looks to go either very well or very bad.

Pillock pulled the rifle from his back, loaded a heavy bullet into it, and posted up so that only the very tip of his barrel was visible. "Nobody should die because of my presence in this city." He thought grievously to himself.
Watches as the Death Knight leaps from the building and lands nearby, The taste of iron hits his mouth with each inhale of air. Laman knows this taste... He had been raised in a home where anywhere you went, It stained the air.

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"Is there a problem sir?"
Laman regards the Knight without changing from his stance. He looks at the Knight's eyes, The same madness was there even if he could calm himself slightly. The unholy magic emanating from him truly makes Laman believe that he is abnormally dangerous.

But I won't die... Laman thought.

As Laman speaks his plated armor glows dimly as light pulses out, not a dangerous amount, but enough too create a faint haze around him and nearby objects. "Sir, You've caused a disturbance in this city. The way you laugh suggests murderous intent... I cannot allow you to continue this. Discontinue your use of unholy magic and release the icy grasp on the city, If you do not comply, You will be arrested."

He stands in a strong position, A skilled soldier never loses his edge... Hand resting on the hilt of his blade.

What will you do? He thinks.
"Its safest here - there's a tunnel that's connected to the Cathedral, so if we have to evacuate the children there..." Majustu informed the young officer as the matrons and orphans hid down in the underground shelter below the orphanage. She glanced back towards the main entrance of the orphanage and forced her spine straight and clenched her hands inside her skirts to hide their trembling. "If I don't come back, use the tunnel."

"What?!" the eldest matron squawked - she had been a young woman when Brother Tomas had brought in a pair of severely malnourished and mostly feral, skittish girls; Majustu had lost her feral nature - unlike her sister.... - but had remained a skittish, easily frightened girl.

"I am a Novice of the Holy Light. I will not let this...this unholy foul energies taint the Cathedral or the district! This is my duty and I will not run from it, no matter how scared I am," the young novice said, even as she turned away.

Hurrying back to the front door and outside, she wasn't surprised to see that more guards were coming to reinforce the lone man standing up to the Knight. And she wasn't surprised to see higher ranked Paladins and Priests from the Cathedral standing on the steps. Beyond the Guards, she could see a handful of warriors - was that her friend Marguax? She wasn't sure, she rarely saw the Gilnean's cursed form... - and hunters and even a couple shamans and possibly druids as well.

Were there royal Guards in with the others? Would...would the King himself come here? she wondered, a hot blush rising up involuntarily that quickly fled. Now wasn't the time to be mooning like a useless lovestruck girl.

She returned her eyes to the Guard standing squared off with the Knight and recognized the way he stood, the energy radiating him - he was Paladin-trained. Majustu nodded to herself - it would be likely that the others would only step in if needed, perhaps...

Glancing at the Knight, she squared her shoulders and kept her spine straight; despite her fear, she pulled on her - admittedly pitifully small - well of mana and could feel the holy energies humming under her skin. She would not run, no matter how scared she was. She was not a Priestess fact, she had almost died on her Trial...but she refused to run away.

((Maj is...young and good-hearted, but very foolish at times. And this is one of those times, when quite honestly she's so horribly outclassed that simple fallout damage much less a direct conflict can most likely kill her and she should really be running away... Then again, she is the first to admit she's not the brightest of candles and the fact she's well....weak. This outta be fun XD))

((...and I am trying so hard not to throw Zpan - Maj's insane and quite bloodthirsty older sister -- at your Knight Aakesh XD even if I cant see her winning by a long shot, she's a viscous dirty fighter with a love of explosives so she'd be a real pain in the a$$ -literally.))
Thorv watched the mass of soldiers forming around his old comrade. The Death Knight seemed to be showing little interest in any of them, however, and continued to scan the roof of the Cathedral, as if...

"What're ye lookin at Aakesh?" he muttered to himself, also scanning the roof as he got up. Kuuro stood too, though hesitantly, and followed as his master walked up to a young girl. "Ye best be hidin little one, old Aakesh over there be a ratha' strong Death Knight. As me memory recalls, he was in command of a battalion before e' broke off from da Lich King," he said placing a hand on her back. Despite her young age, she still stood a good head or more taller than the dwarf.

Without stopping for a response, he continued forward, calling out to Aakesh. "Oi'! Ye over powered buffoon! Stop yer nonsense fore' ye piss em' off!" he shouted at the Death Knight.

((In case anyone is wondering, Aakesh and I are twins, so sorry if it looks like the same basic writing, we're damn similar.))

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