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I'll keep it brief here, since plenty of detailed information about our guild is available elsewhere. We're a hardcore raiding guild on a 20 hour a week schedule, 10pm-2am EST, Sunday through Thursday. We've maintained a consistently high rank among US guilds for some years now, and we've done it without sacrificing the things we think makes our guild a great place to be. We are actively recruiting for progression raiding in MoP. These are potential core spots, we don't recruit for the bench. If you want to learn more about Midwinter, check out our wowprogress page, or visit our website at

We're primarily recruiting healers right now, and we have a spot or two for exceptional DPS, preferably ranged. Having said that, any class or spec is always welcome to apply. We will consider any applicant who makes a good case for themselves regardless of our current roster situation. You don't have to be from a top 20 guild or anything to get a trial, you just have to be a good player and present yourself well. So if you're a healer with high end raiding experience and you're looking for a new home, or you've never raided with a competitive guild but think you're an exceptional player who can make a contribution, please go ahead and send us an app on our website.

If you have any questions, speak to Gondlem, Cactipete, Jayos, Purplemonger or Iks in game or via PM on our forums.

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