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Destruction Warlock looking for a raiding guild that pushes its limits to be the possible best it can be!
A little about myself...

I Have been playing World of Warcraft since Burning Crusade, Most of that time I used taking the roll of PvP to get mostly every PvP achievement accomplishable for instance Three's Company: 2200 and Marshal. PvP was a past time that I left in Cata since I feel like I’ve accomplished everything I could in that genre...

Now I am looking to blow through the PvE World with ease… I have killed Deathwing on regular (10 man) and I did the first couple of bosses of FL. I am actually very PvE savvy after my long experience with all of the PvP in the past year…

Still looking!
LF healers and ranged
Starting raid now, come watch!
LF healers and ranged
Get Kripp to re-roll disc priest. Problem solved
Still looking
sup bump
LF healers and ranged
DMF starts tonight!
10/06/2012 06:41 PMPosted by Turkeyburger
DMF starts tonight!

eh heh heh heh
heh eh ehjhehe
Still looking!

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