7 Questions

1) What is the Horde/Alliance ratio like? Please answer with Total amounts of population per faction wherever is possible.
2) How is the PvP here? Do you see oftenly pvpers doing premades in trade chat? Do you know friends that belong to PVP active guilds?
3) How does this Realm stand in terms of raiding? Please list guilds that clear content at high speed, and end up selling heroic final bosses mounts / items, if possible. Is it possible to pug Heroic Lich King without failing on any given Tuesday afternoon?
4) How is the Realm economy? Price on Vial of sands, Elementium ore, Inferno rubies, Queen’s garnets can be a good reference, include other prices you consider relevant.
5) How is the roleplay here? I’m not a roleplayer but is always good to know if a realm is for roleplay or not.
6) How is the community? Do you have people playing since vanilla still here? Guilds that have maintained their raiding progression in the top 10 in the realm for 8 years now (I think this question might need grammar check, excuse me if that’s the case)? People in general are open to discussion in an intelligent manner?
7.) What does the server need most? Creative answers are always welcome here.
Thanks for answering to my 7 questions.
1- Ratio is 0.37/1.00 to Alliance
2- In one word, Dead.
3- The raiding is pretty good, Its picking itself up. In this realm, NO guild sold any heroic boss this expansion, expect maybe Vam, which only happened this tier. I dont know if you're setting LK as example, but if you mean clearing old tiers. Yes, you can clear it without fail. since you can cross-realm.
4- Our economy is crap, 3-5 people Controlling the AH. <Alliance side>
5- Role....what?
6- Yes, like every other server. But we' have more *new* players than experts, since most people changing server.
7- Better players, more horde. Bad-!@# PVPers. Less gnomes. to be honest, more cooperative players.

Shows you the population of all the oceanic realms, the horde to alliance ratio, the progression.

Aman'Thul is second last. Hence not as active.
Ill give a Horde view on the server.

1- That ratio is only (taken from that wow progress site)
- 85 character is from a guild and the guild killed something in Tier 13 content
- 85 character killed something in Tier 13 content
So the actual ratio could be different, but certainly seems like more alliance then horde.

2- It isnt very active. This isnt a pvp server afterall, but on horde we do have a pvp guild that organizes city raids, I recently had a friend transfer to a new realm for better pvp. ended up being worse then Amans ! But I find there is enough pvp to atleast break up the same pve content to keep things fresh.

3- As sequence said, pretty good and slowly getting better. If you look at that link posted, we are now 10 (3rd from bottom but shows we are going up).

4- Vial of sands on horde. Ive seen people sell as low as 18K and high as 30K, but general price is 20-22K. Its not too badly priced, but ive heard from people who have toons on other realms that the general price is a bit expensive.

5- There isnt any.. again this isnt a RP server.

6- On horde side your average person is fairly friendly, I regularly attend transmog runs and never encounter the arrogance of pugs. Ofcourse there are some people who like to start trouble but thats everywhere even in real life. Yeah we do have a number of newer players vs older, but that doesnt mean they arent eager to learn! For alliance side I found it alot less friendly, they all seemed less tolerable of new/low lvl people.

7-Similair to sequence again, bit better player skill base. More horde! More pvp. less Gnomes?? try being on horde.. as you will see in another thread for this realm.. 43% of horde characters are Blood Elfs! we need far less of them.

Aman'Thul has a bit more laid back feel then other servers, which is nice imo.


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