2/6H 25m Semantics LF DK, Holy Paladin, DPS!

Guild Recruitment
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<Semantics> is a 25-man Heroic raiding guild. We were formed several months prior to the launch of Cataclysm as a group of like-minded individuals who thoroughly enjoy all aspects of the game. The founding members of <Semantics> were those who would PuG unique Wrath achievements such as the Immortal, Herald of the Titans, A Tribute to Dedicated Insanity, Conqueror/Champion of Ulduar, Earth, Wind and Fire, just to name a few. We wanted to create a raid environment with people who shared the same goals, those who would log on more than just raid time, and most of all to create a solid core community.

Expectations from Applicants
We are a progression guild, first and foremost. You are expected to be knowledgeable of not only your class, but to show up to raids prepared. We are a competitive group of people, and the same is expected of our applicants. Always be looking to improve, to be the best at your role. Players are expected to use the best professions [gathering professions are for alts], select the best race, and overall min/max their character.

Loot Policy
We use a loot council system for the distribution of loot. This council is comprised of three officers who decide who will receive the specific piece of loot. The system is open, where every member can see who is up for consideration. During progression, it is not uncommon for us to outfit certain players with loot that will give us the best chance for success.

1/6 Heroic 25m

Point of Contact
RealID: sauce@semanticsguild.com
Officers: Sauce, Thewhitefox, Dabeef, Dorment

We are currently seeking the following classes (RELIABLE PEOPLE) to fill our raid roster.

Exceptional Ranged DPS - High need

DK - High need
Exceptional Melee DPS - High need


Holy Paladin - High need

Raid times
7:30-11:30 EST

To get more info or apply, go to http://www.semanticsguild.com
Worst guild everrrrrrrrrr.
still looking for exceptional dps
Still looking for some DPS.
Still looking for some DPS.
"I bumped this 20 min ago... (3 hrs ago)...." - Sauce
solid dps?
still looking
Need some dps
So yea.... DPS..... we need em.
What they said

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