[H] Druid/DK/Priest LF 10m Raiding/PVP Guild

hey all, I'm looking to Xfer to Kil'jaeden as my current server(Hydraxis) is dying and limiting my progression, both in PVE and PVP. I'm looking for a 10m(possible 25m in the future) raiding guild who raids anytime after 6:30 server during the week. Sat/sun are hit or miss for me so would prefer mon-friday. I am 5/8H and know all other fights. I would be looking to xfer one or all of my toons depending on what is needed. I also have 2200+XP in arenas and have full pvp gear for all toons(and all 3 specs for druid). I have extensive raiding experience and have been playing for over 5 years, and was RL for one of the top guilds on Vek'nilash before xfering to hydraxis.

398 Resto druid w/ 393 boom offspec and 390 feral offspec
397 Blood DK w/ 395 frost/unholy offspec
391 disc/holy priest(working on shadow offspec atm)
390 destro/demo lock

Please contact me through here, Skype or in game if any or all of the toons interest you and your guild.
Skype: blingblingk1ng
email: blingblingk1ng@hotmail.cpm
sad to hear about hydraxis dying.. thats the server i started on. i can check around and see if i know of any openings

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