FINISHED:Heroic Madness kills for good people

We're offering free Heroic Madness kills for Turalyonites who help make the realm (or their guilds) a better place to be, but don't have the opportunity to get that kill by themselves. If we just described someone that you know of, please keep on reading.

The *much* longer version:
Turalyon's been a good home for us - there are obviously some great raiding teams here, but we also think that there are probably a lot of folks that make Turalyon (or their respective guilds) a better place but don't raid for whatever reason (schedule, family, etc.). So, we wanted to offer a couple of these kind folks a chance to see Heroic Deathwing fall, for free.

For those who don't know us, Vortex is a small 10-man raiding guild that's been on Turalyon since 2008. We're a collection of generally older players (ranging from ~20 to 40+) who enjoy smashing pixelated Internet monsters together a couple of times a week. We're a fairly laid back group of individuals, but can certainly buckle down and focus when it comes time to raid.

We finished up Heroic Madness back in March and have since dialed back our raid schedule. We've also spent time getting heroic kills for a lot of our casual folks and finishing up missing achievements.

Since we're a small guild and don't know everything about other guilds or have our finger on the pulse of the server, we need your help in letting us know who these people are! Here's what you can do:

Step 1: Identify someone on the Horde side of the server (sorry Alliance!) that makes the lives of those around them better. Maybe they're always the person volunteering to help run alts through low level dungeons or they're the person fishing like a fiend so your raid can have feasts.

Step 2: Make sure this is someone who would enjoy the opportunity to beat down Heroic Deathwing, but doesn't have any real shot at it on their own.

Step 3: Email us at dragonsoul [at] to tell us about them and why they're awesome in your eyes!

We don't know how many folks (if any) would be interested in something like this and so we can't make any promises about how many we will be able to bring with us (we're going to cap it at one person a time for now) before we switch into MoP preparation mode, but we'll do our best. All decisions regarding ordering/prioritization will be at our discretion.

Please remember that this is a free run for those individuals who are chosen. As stated before, we as a guild wish to give back to those on the server who make Turalyon a better place to live.

Before you send us an email, here are some further details to keep in mind:

1. This person needs to be available from ~7:30pm to ~11:30pm (although I doubt we'd go that late) server time on Tues or Weds since that's when we raid these days.

2. This person should also be able to join us on our Mumble server. Being able to hear raid directions during the fight is a must, although we'd enjoy the opportunity for them to chat with us as well.

3. Please don't send us a note about getting you (or your alt) into a Heroic Madness kill. That's not what this is about and if you're looking to get a kill for yourself, there are several guilds selling Heroic Madness kills.

4. We can accomodate any class while doing this, but will sadly have to ask any tank candidates to swap to a DPS spec. when running with us.

5. There are no significant requirements for candidates outside of being able to follow raid directions (Run to X, stay away from Y, etc.) from us on Mumble. Having lots of HP is good. Having a basic understanding of the fight is a plus, but not required.

6. E-mails only please. We're not on that often outside of raid hours, so it's highly unlikely that you'll be able to catch us inside of game. It's also easier to track correspondence via email than in-game mail. If you have an e-mail address for the person you're nominating, even better! (although we won't be in touch with them until we're reasonably confident that we can fit them into a run).

If you've made it this far, you're a trooper. Even if you don't know anyone who would benefit from an offer like this, we'd certainly appreciate a bump to keep this visible on the realm forums.
I knew I always liked you Scythe. Vortex has always been full of good people, and this is about the most generous thing I've seen in a while. Extremely proud to know some of you :p
yup, the peeps in Vortex are total awesomeness! Am glad it's my home :)
Vortex has been around since the dawn of time on our server, and were always good people...I might just take you up on that offer. We're a smaller, new guild. We will be hitting DS but we gotta gear some first. I get a little upset when pug groups fall apart, so I would be interested. Who knows, may be a drop someone in your guild doesn't
If they're extra lucky, we might be able to convince Ram to unleash the kraken.
lol....Unleash the Kraken!
Good Stuff.
This is a fantastic idea! I don't have any nominations off the top of my head, mainly because I've met so many great players just in passing, but if I do, I'll be sure to drop their name to you guys.
I mailed you a nomination.
It was a good run tonight. Lot's of fun and carrying of Scythe was had.
Tonight's run was a total success and we all hope Evalyssia enjoys her new title!
Unfortunately, the kraken remains caged.

...For now!
Linked to our guild website in case anyone knows of someone.. What a great idea!
Still looking for more nominations. So if you have a friend who did something special or a guildie who stands out for something he/she did... let us know!
We are still in the process of planning our next run for this, which will come soon! If you know anyone who deserves such a run, please contact us through dragonsoul [at]
bump :P
Thanks for doing this, what an awesome way to give someone a "Thanks" when words aren't enough. Props to Vortex!

(I sent in a nomination.)
wow....this is astonishing....i grow weary of seeing the top guilds "selling" gear or runs....they are nothing but greedy arrogant mercenaries.....this thread makes me guys are awesome and a credit to turalyon....i toast you, noble sirs


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