FINISHED:Heroic Madness kills for good people

This is awesome! Good folks over in Vortex.

Thanks for doing this, i miss the community we use to have on this server. ( Been here since day 3 )
They really are a cool group and I had a good time running with them -- title, mount (really pleasant surprise!), or no, it was still a fun night! :) Thanks again, Vortex! I also have a lot to take back to my own guild; hopefully I can help some other awesome people benefit from this as well. ;)

Free bump!

And of course, I'm thankful for my nomination! I owe someone a hug!
This is really awesome. Really.
Incredibly cool gesture guys. My hat is off Vortex for offering this up to your realm!
I'm sure I can speak for all of us here in Vortex when I say, thank you all for the praise and good wishes, but what we're doing isn't entirely selfless... we get a kick out of the reactions and joy of the person we take with us. Kind of like a kid on Christmas :) We also get to meet really cool people, not just through the run but also through the nominations.

I am just a casual raider in the guild, but thanks to Vortex's awesome leaders and people in general, they make us all feel a part of everything they do. So I have also been able to share in the excitement and joy of these runs. :)

now... GRATS BOOMIE!! We had our second successful run last night. She was a wonderful person to meet and hope to see her around more often :) Enjoy the title!
After many weeks I finally have a Heroic Will of Unbinding. Vortex never has to drag my terrible lock butt to Spine ever again. Oh and gratz Boomee. She was there to. This week was a blast.

As Snig said we aren't doing this for the attention. We are doing this to give back to the server.
I've been on Turalyon since my first day in WoW and never have I thought about leaving.

I can't say to how many people we will doing before we stop, but I do encourage you all to provide us with nominations. It's been great reading through the ones we've received so far. It's made it clear that we are doing this for the right reasons and for the right people.
Truly heartwarming. Vortex are a credit to the community, and embody the values often eschewed as a necessary means to be successful as a high end raiding guild.

Thanks to everyone for the positive feedback. It's been a lot of fun to participate in, and the enthusiasm of Evalyssia and Boomee was encouraging and infectious. I hope they had as much fun as we did! Congratulations to you both!

We're working through our nominations, if you know of anyone who brings positive change in your guild/community please send us an email.
As my guildies have said, we certainly appreciate the support. When we started talking about this concept, we weren't sure how successful it would be, but it's been a lot of fun and we've met (or heard about) a lot of folks who make the realm (or their guilds) better places to be.

There's one change to the original post that I wanted to mention:

If you're nominating someone, we ask that you provide an e-mail address for that person if possible. Catching up with some of the nominees in-game has been difficult and we've had better success via e-mail. It's not a must have, but it certainly helps us with the logistics (especially in the case of relatively last-minute scheduling). I've updated the OP to reflect this request.
Back when Burial raided, we strived to keep up with Vortex, not only in the raid progression, but in the class act department.

I'm glad to see you guys are all still class acts. Keep up the awesome work!

Im glad to see there is still people on our realm that actually like to help people
speaking of class, i think this is an appropriate time to mention the best guild EVER.....

<Only Class> whos mission statement, as repeatedly espoused by its wonderful guildmaster Evynmore is, "We just want to enjoy the game we love and help all."

who are these other petit guilds of which you speak?

We're still accepting nominations, so if you know of anyone deserving, please send an email our way!
Release the kraken!
Wow, just heard about this through roundabout means. You guys sound like an amazing guild.
wow nice. dont think anybody i know reads the forums though so i got no shot. ahh well
dont think anybody i know reads

there, fixed it

We had another really enjoyable run this week (and successfully made the switch to two nominees per run), so please keep those nominations coming!
We still have some room to fit more nominations in before Mists of Pandaria, so please if you know anyone who deserves a reward for their hard work, let us know!

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