Monster rogue LF Raiding Between 9am-9pm EST

Guild Recruitment
My Death Knight

Here is a funny app for you, it's the most you're going to get from me.

This is how you app to a guild <3

This was for a funny reroll guild that I lvl'd a 2nd Death Knight for.
Diablo 3 crits your guild for 999,999,999!
Home all day today let's talk, inject some world class into your guild <3
My spirit gems contain the tears of noobs.
We might have something for you, we are 25man, raid hours are 10am-2pm mon/wed/thur/fri (during progression), but we are horde. We don't troll people and we expect our raiders to follow our policies, if you can keep yourself from being a douche and stroking your own epeen in Mumble check us out on, that is also where you can PM me or any of the other officers.
I don't stroke my e-peen at all, the bottom line of it all is, if a clown like me can rank #1 in anything on this game, your grandmother could probably do it. That's why I don't understand why people act like such morons in this game, like achvs, titles, gear means anything. I enjoy the game for social reasons.
I love my dragons!

I missed you online, was watching News Room (good show) but I sent a real id request, I'll be online tomorrow morning during our raid times and then beta raid testing.
Yeah sry had to take care of my little guy, I'll catch up with you in a few.
what kind of monster iz you?
Cookie monster!
Good morning......
If a fat chick falls down in the woods and nobody is there to see it........
Do the trees laugh???!?!?!?
"Never lose focus....Not even if Jupiter himself were to rip open the heavens, and dangle his **** from the sky..."
This guy is good, someone better pick him up. Good luck with your search Pat!

Girls write "Djinn" on their boobies, ask Pro :D


Edit- Add me on my RealID for Diablo son
Girls write "Djinn" on their boobies, ask Pro :D


Edit- Add me on my RealID for Diablo son

I don't play D3, but I'll hit you up when I get online.
Sounds like a plan bro, I have an extra d3 key laying around if you want to try it out.
The Shadow of Death approves this message.
However, if you leave khadgar, it will become a Troll'less barren wasteland...
You are the rarest of the rare, in a world filled with so few interesting people...
Also, Take note guilds, keep your women away from this one! He will seduce them with his evil charm, his deeps will have them tossing their panties at him... I'VE SEEN THIS.

You've been warned **Medivh Face**



ALSO PATRICK add me on diablo
Added ya bud, I should be on later tonight, lawnmowering zombies with my DH, Going to the store to get a case of Bud Light Platinum....
Going to dps my liver tonight.
Oh boy

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