LF genuine guild that doesn't invite randoms.

After a really long hiatus I'm finally back on WoW. I started a new account and have been leveling a rogue which I find to be really fun. Although I have been enjoying the new changes made to the game, I also noticed that guilds just aren't what they used to be. I remember when guilds were somewhat exclusive and gave you a family type vibe. But since my return, all I get are random guild invites. I've found most of them to be filled with people who don't like to talk or make friendships, help out fellow guild mates, or participate in any group activities. It seems to me people just want the guild perks and that's all they're in it for. Which really makes me question the integrity of the guild.

I've been playing WoW since before the BC expansion, and would like to find a guild where most members can say the same. One that is casual, and not a bunch of 14 year old's cracking 'your mom' jokes. If there is such a guild here on Blackrock feel free to reply here or contact me in game.

And I suppose I wouldn't be prepared if I didn't say: inB4troll or QQ more.
You want a mature, "family" type guild yet your name is Ganjafield? I'd much rather be in a guild with those 14 year olds than someone who feels like its cool to talk about weed like it's edgy and new. Nobody cares when you started, and nobody cares if you don't like their guild. It's up to you to adjust to the way a guild works because they sure as hell aren't going to change for YOU.
A little quick to judge there, eh? Buddy, you can be the self proclaimed king of the server for all I care. If the best thing you have going for you in your spare time is trying to regulate on a WoW forum, I truly feel bad for you.

I work, go to school, and take care of my family. When those responsibilities are met, I play WoW. Not everyone can spend each waking moment playing. And for those of us who can't, using the forum to find common ground with players who may not be online at the same time we are, is helpful. So check yourself, lose the sense of entitlement, and stop speaking for others. The majority of people don't care about my background. Which is fine with me seeing as how the thread wasn't aimed at them.

Hell, if you want to use the logic that everyone's WoW name is a picture perfect self reflection, why don't you bother looking in the mirror? I'd rather be some smoker than a filthy dirty thief who can't be trusted. Grimy as the bed he sleeps in. But I digress, I mean you know everything about everything right? I'm sure you already see my point.

Go flex your e-rep to someone who it actually means something to. I don't pay monthly to please egotistical self-centered people such as yourself. I pay to have fun, which I do.
I can tell I upset you, maybe you should take another break from WoW.
On the contrary; I'm having a blast.

You seem to know a lot about strangers, maybe you should've spent less time in their vans as a child.
Part of being in a nice guild is taking criticism. You might want to rethink your last post.
I'm not arguing there, constructive criticism can do wonders. However, if he wants to get slick with me and I didn't provoke it, I'm going to get slick right back. If a guild can't accept me for me, that's fine. I give respect to those who show it to me.
I like this guy.

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